Original Xiaomi Mijia 1080P Smart Camera IP Cam Webcam Camcorder 360 Angle WIFI Wireless Night Vision AI Enhanced Motion Detect

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Brand Name: XIAOMI
Wideangle: 360°*180°
High Definition Support: 1080P (Full-HD)
Effective MegaPixel: About 2MP
Model Number: Xiaomi IP Camera 1080P

Xiaomi mijia Smart Camera 


The package includes:

1*  Xiaomi smart camera 1080P

1* 100cm charging cable

1* US plug

1* Chinese user manual


High definition quality, guard every corner of your home 

1080p HD 360° Viewing angle Infrared Night Vision AI Enhanced Motion Detection Two-way Speech H.265 Coding Inversion design


360° PTZ panoramic view, giving home full care

Adopt dual-motor pan/tilt heads to control the free rotation of the equipment up and down, horizontal viewing angle 360°, vertical visibility

Angle 96°, silent motor, shockproof structure design, make the equipment turn smoothly and quietly.


Upgrade to 1080P HD image quality for better image quality

On the basis of the classic Mijia Smart Camera PTZ Edition, the picture quality has been fully upgraded. Resolution increased from 720P to 1080P,

The 2 million pixels are clearer and the WDR is more dynamic. Even the backlighting keeps the picture more detailed.


Low-light full-color technology extends color video time

The new low-light full-color technology can see color images even under weak light. And in the same situation,

Other cameras can only switch to black and white pictures of infrared fill light.


A new generation of noise reduction night vision, not afraid of night black

There is no red exposure at night and no visual pollution, giving family peace of mind and sleep.

F2.1 large aperture, more light, 8 940nm infrared fill light, night vision permeability is stronger.


* The night vision distance depends on the actual environment.


H.265 video coding technology, smooth viewing and space saving

The new generation of H.265 video coding technology provides smooth and detailed images while maintaining smoother viewing on the same network and saving bandwidth.

Under the same pixel, H.265-encoded video storage is 50% of the traditional H.264, saving more than half of the storage space.




Human detection

More accurate mobile alerts

Combined with the application of AI technology in deep learning, the algorithm and network have been targeted for optimization, effectively filtering invalid alarms and making alarms more accurate.


Two-way voice real-time call, homesick immediately "home"

Support two-way voice real-time calls, such as face to face as real, regardless of time and place, can have a warm chat with family.


Three storage methods, more security

Support local Micro SD card storage, automatic cycle recording. Support binding millet routers, NAS devices,

Backup resources every day for a fixed period of time.


* Xiaomi cloud storage function will be opened soon.


Support multi-device remote viewing, support 16x playback

Support mobile phone, tablet remote viewing, view anywhere you care about. For historical records stored on a Micro SD card,

Supports 1x/4x/16x speed playback, allowing quick viewing of videos for easy browsing, saving time and effort.

*Support Android 4.4 and IOS 9.0 and above


Stand on the top, side or uphead ,you can install it in your way 

With screw-in base fittings, the operation is simple and convenient, not only can be placed at home in the desktop, windowsill, bedside,

It can also be flipped on roofs, walls, etc.


Three steps to connect App

  • Download the mihome APP

  • Turn on the camera

  • Open the App to search the camera and add the camera to the App