When transport becomes a tourist attraction

Sep 18, 12 When transport becomes a tourist attraction

One of the most important aspects tourists are concerned about when traveling to a foreign destination is the available means of transport. Most often, this is just a question of choosing between taxis, buses, trams, subways and trains, but there are parts of the world where other unusual methods are used and they gradually evolved, from simple ways of betting from one place to another, to standalone tourist attractions. So, whenever you are tired of traffic jams, gas prices and cramped buses, consider traveling to these destinations.

Germany – suspended railway.


In the German town of Wuppertal, tourists will come across an unusual sight: the hanging monorail. Built at the beginning of the 20th century, this unique means of transport has been working ever since, carrying 75,000 passengers every day across the streets at a height of 8 meters and with speeds that reach 37 miles/hr.

Chile – ascensores.


Also for the tourists who do not have a fear of heights, Chile, with Valparaiso in particular, is waiting for you with its peculiar ascensors (or elevators) that carry you across town. These iconic pieces of engineering were  built in the early 1900’s and from their small cabins visitors have the opportunity to view the breathtaking architecture of the traditional houses.

Arabic countries – camel trekking.


When traveling to Arabic countries such as Jordan, Morocco, Egypt or Sudan, riding a camel is the experience that can complete a fascinating adventure. Camels have always been used as means of transportation throughout history, especially when going across deserts and in some places they are still used today by beduin. For tourists, camelback rides are available and in Jordan, for example, you can go on safari trips where you can also discover interesting archeological sites.

Northern countries- dog sledding.


In countries where weather permits this (Norway, Canada, Alaska), dog sledding is a popular travel means of transportation. The main dog breeds that are used for this are Siberian Huskies and by embarking on a sled tourists can see wonderful winter landscape and witness the amazing strength these dogs have.

Asia – Tuktuk.


Invented in Thailand, the tuktuk is an original way of transport that later spread to India, Cambodgia and Pakistan. It is named after the machine that is used to carry people on the crowded streets, a three-wheel motorcycle with a cover on top that can carry two passengers at most.
It is not exactly practical, but a ride is for fun is very thrilling and full of adventures.

Thailand- Elephant trekking.


The icon image for Thailand, elephants, are now found in smaller and smaller numbers. To raise funds for their survival, trekking trips are not available and tourists can view the luxuriant green forests on the back of a majestic  elephant. It is an inspiring, emotional experience that you will surely remember all your life.

Egypt – Felucca.


Crossing the Nile is a wonderful experience for anyone visiting Egypt, and crossing it on a felucca is even more amazing. The wooden sailboats are very relaxing place where you can catch your breath after a long day of sightseeing, watch the sunset and even have a romantic date.