Travelling to Croatia for the first time? – follow the tips

Apr 05, 17 Travelling to Croatia for the first time? – follow the tips

You do not have any clue which your next holiday destination is going to be, do you? Why do not you try Croatia? In case you have not been here before, there are some tips that we would like to offer you, in order to make sure that you are going to enjoy your holiday experience. Here they are.

Say no to a hotel room and yes to renting a house

If you have not been to Croatia before, you should know that searching for Croatia houses to rent is a more convenient alternative, especially if you plan to travel with your whole family. In fact, experts recommend you to do so, due to the fact that this destination is definitely a family-friendly one.

Rent a house…but make the difference between a reliable agency and one that is not

There are many agencies which offer tempting promotions when it comes to a holiday in Croatia, but not all of them are a reliable alternative. Thus, we highly recommend searching for reviews. There are many people who are very supportive when it comes to going on vacation and who offer you some reliable pieces of advice. But, you also have to check many reviews in order to see if they are reliable or not. For example, in the last period, MyDalmatia is a travel agency which has increased its popularity a lot, thanks to its high-quality services.

Take more than a few days off for visiting this country

In order to visit this amazing country you need more than a couple of days. Thus, we highly recommend booking a reservation for at least a week, in order to make sure that you have plenty of time for relaxing, having fun and visiting all the amazing places which may seem like some small corners of heaven.

Sail the High Seas

After you rent a house in Croatia and also book your plane tickets, you should start putting down on a list the places that you would like to visit. You may start with the fact that Croatia is a country which has more than 1,000 islands and also one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the Europe. Thus, if you have the chance to travel there, you should also think about sailing along the coasts. But this is not all. You also need to visit at least one of the eight national parks of this country, while you are on vacation. This is also an alternative that your children are going to love. They will have the chance to learn something about nature and also to enjoy some fresh air.

Enjoy the local food

Have you heard about konoba? In case you have not, you should try it because it is definitely something that will treat your taste buds. It is said that the famous chefs from Dalmatia are the best when it comes to grilling the fish. Thus, you will definitely love this type of food which is based on fish and black risotto.