Travelling to Bulgaria – things to consider

Jan 30, 17 Travelling to Bulgaria – things to consider



Have you been to Bulgaria before? If you have not, it is time to put in on your bucket list because this country has increased a lot its touristic potential. However, if you ask why, there are many things that you should know about this country and we have prepared you a small list with the most important of them. But, firstly, there are some things that you should take into consideration when you organise your first trip to Bulgaria. Here they are.

Things to consider when you travel to Bulgaria for the first time

Do not forget to take care of airport transfer. According to tourists, one of the most annoying things is arriving to the airport and finding out that you should wait a lot for a taxi. As mentioned before, because the number of people, who choose visiting Bulgaria, is constantly increasing every year, finding a vehicle to come and pick you up from the airport can be a real challenge. Things can be even more difficult, if you want to find a car to take you from Sofia to Sunny Beach. Therefore, try to look for a Sofia to Sunny Beach Transfer and make your reservation on time.

Moreover, you should also pack your things wisely. If you decide to go to Sunny Beach, do not forget your swimming suit and also the sunblock lotion which can protect you for burning your skin. When it comes to accommodation, it is better to ask for the services of travel agency.

Some things to know about Bulgaria:

Bulgaria is a top destination for tourists thanks to its beautiful beaches. Also, the affordable prices are the strength of this Balkan destination. Those who have tried this thing before claim that nothing is more beautiful than a day spend on the beach, a place where you can relax while you are enjoying the golden sand and the crystal clear water. In case you do not like spending your day on the sun, you can go to mountains and enjoy the fresh air. Among the most popular Bulgarian mountain resorts, you can try Bansko, Pomporovo or Vitosha. They also offer you excellent ski condition, in case you decide to travel during winter.

Another important aspect which is highly appreciated about tourists who come here for the first time is the local cuisine. If you travel to Bulgaria, you can try a special type of cold soup made of yogurt, cucumbers and garlic. It is called “trator” and you can enjoy it can be found in many restaurants during the summer season. Last but not least, if you decide to take some souvenirs for your friends, you should definitely think about the small bottles of rose oil which can be real miracle for their skin.