Top 3 destinations for this fall

Sep 10, 12 Top 3 destinations for this fall

If you are wondering what’s hot and happening this fall in the travels department and you are tired of the same old, boring packages offered by travel agencies, such as Europe in the Fall – Paris and London, then we’ve got the fix for you! Check out three unique and incredible destinations that are perfect for this season and completely different from any other autumn traveling experience you may have had.

1. Switzerland – Lavaux Vineyard Terraces

The canton of Vaud in the district of Lavaux has a wonderful history, dating from Rome times and having evidence of vine terraces from the period of Benedictine monasteries, in the 11th century. The stretch of vineyards along Lake Geneva is 30 km of serene beauty, unique Mediterranean hills bathed in sunny glows. Anywhere you stop between Lausanne and Chateau de Chillon, you can enjoy the amazing view of the Lake Geneva and the purview of vines spread disorderly across the green and golden hills. The vineyards are protected by law, being an world heritage site, so they keep the historical ambiance and the air and feel of authenticity of a place not yet touched by industrial development.

It’s a perfect destination for hikers and people who enjoy outdoor activities, making their way through typical working vineyards and emblematic medieval villages. Even if you are not a fan of walking nine hours on stone paths and trails, a touristic train will take you on the most wonderful journey, completed with sublime wine and magnificent snacks. As far as accommodation goes, the Suisse Majestic hotel is a wonderful choice, a classic Belle-Époque hotel, conveniently placed on the shore of Lake Geneva, just across the train station. The rates for a double room start at 190 EUR per night.


2. USA – White Mountains, New Hampshire

If Europe seems too cliche for the fall or Switzerland far exceeds your budget, then there is no better corner of world than New England, especially the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Walking, hiking or driving down the White Mountains trail will open a world of autumn-y colors, red, orange, yellow, scarlet, faded green, burnt yellow and light brown, church towers of an opalescent white and big, colonial homes, breathing out historic grandeur. On the side of the road, you will be enchanted by merry locals, feeding you fat pumpkins and brittle apples, telling you everything you need to know and more about the region that was so highly praised by writers and painters alike, from Nathaniel Hawthorne to Thomas Cole.

The destinations does not lack in attractions, visitors being able to enjoy the cannon aerial tramway, taking them over the 4, 100 feet to admire the unique views of the region or the Conway scenic railroad, which offers several legendary journeys and excursions, such as Crawford Notch or any of the Valley routes. A nature walk through Flume Gorge will be absolutely breathtaking, offering you the chance to discover astonishing bridges, waterfalls and mysterious caves.


The Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa is located in the heart of New Hampshire and it is one of the truly historic hotels of America, an astounding construction, offering luxury amenities. Weekday rates start at $209 per night and the elegant rooms, the state of the art wellness center and spa and the golf court make it all worth it.

3. India – Darjeeling  

For those who really want to step outside the box this autumn, India is the new Paris. If you haven’t seen the acclaimed “The Darjeeling Limited” movie, run to the video store now and get a peak at what it will be expecting you in this bewildering Himalayan hideaway, famous for its toy trains and team but legendary for its position, at approximately 2, 300m above the sea level. You won’t be able to resist the majestic beauty of the Everest in viewing distance, if the sky is perfectly clear of clouds, otherwise Nepal is practically impossible to spot, which is why Autumn is the best season to visit Darjeeling. The overwhelming panorama of the perfect round sun rising over the tallest summit of the world is reason enough to buy your ticket to India right now.

You will be covered in hues of burnt yellow, brick red and gold, wherever you walk across the breathy hills and the narrow paths, enticed by the unique perfume of the tea plantations and the solemnity of the old monasteries in the region.


Whether you bathe in the spectacular sights of the region, such as the Kanchenjunga view from the Tiger hills or in the alluring scents of the teal bushes, there is plenty for you to do when in Darjeeling. You will be delighted to observe the locals pickling up tea leaves and turning them into tea, just like their parents before them and their grandparents before that. If relaxing is not your main purpose on this trip and you are looking for some exciting activities, canoeing and river rafting are among the top recommendations for the area. Mountain climbing, hiking and trekking are basically routine for this splendid region, with its stunning valleys and marvelous paths.

If you are wondering where to stay, the Mayfair Darjeeling Hotel is rightly called “the manmade marvel”, a luxury hill resort, offering five stars services and facilities. The double rooms start at a 140 EUR rate per night and offer a classic Indian style accommodation, with an amazing valley view. The Magnolia restaurant will enchant you with both Indian dishes and other Asian specialties, but also with Western cuisine. Autumn is a great season if you are interested in a picturesque holiday. These three locations have mesmerizing landscapes that are underlined by autumn’s color palette. However if you are looking for a more cultural locations you should might be interested in some European capitals which are great autumn destinations. The UK is especially beautiful during this season and if you are also looking for a vibrant city life there are numerous interesting places to visit in London. The museums, the parks and the many monuments make London a great holiday destinations. Amongst the most beautiful autumnal places to visit in London are the Greenwich Park, Berkeley Square, the Parliament Hill, Richmond Park and Regent’s park.