Tips for choosing a Lake District holiday cottage

Dec 22, 15 Tips for choosing a Lake District holiday cottage

The interest for smaller homes is not aby any means new. On the contrary, it seems that more and people prefer living in small houses that have all the facilities of a hotel. Even if there is less space, they are somewhat cheaper than staying in a five star hotel. The reason why cottages are preferred to the best hotels in Lake District is that they offer a higher degree of privacy. While it is true that nothing can be compared to the comfort offered by a hotel room, cottages make perfect retreats for those interested in spending quality time with either their friends or their families. At present, most of the cottages of Lake District are equipped with everything you may need like television and other modern amenities. The architecture and the view are just an added bonus. If you too want to enjoy a wonderful stay, then use this guideline and find the perfect gateway.


Narrow down your search

The truth is that Lake District is full of self-catering properties, meaning that the number of houses can rise to a couple of hundreds. For this reason, it is advisable to reduce the number to just a dozen of lodgings. This task is far from being easy owing to the fact that there will be many that will appeal to you in terms of appearance and facilities offered. Fortunately, there are websites that supply information about the most popular choices and that generally help you with your decision. After consulting the Internet, you can make a list of just a few cottages. The only thing to pay attention to is to make sure that even the most secluded stone cottage offers all the facilities a hotel would. If not, you should go onto the next choice.

Pick your destination

As you may probably know, Lake District is home to many villages and towns. The location that you opt for is very important because not all areas offer you the possibility to engage in specific rural activities, like horseback riding or vintage fairs. On the other hand, the activities can even be more demanding. Both the north and the south part of the district offer so much for visitors. For instance, you can participate vintage sports car gatherings or horse trials. Regardless of your preferences, picking a specific location will make the task of choosing a cottage for accommodation a lot easier. Since there are many picturesque areas, you have the chance to explore a variety of locations, especially if you rent the cottage for a whole weekend.

Compare the prices

If you do manage to find the perfect gateway, with or without the help of the Internet, it is of paramount importance to make sure that the establishment is tailored to your budget. It is needless to say that if you want something similar to what a hotel can offer you, then you will be required to spend a little more. The good news is that as there are numerous websites providing you rankings of the best hotels, there are many online pages that allow you to compare multiple prices and find the best deal.