Things to do in Del Mar

Dec 03, 15 Things to do in Del Mar


The Village of Del Mar, California is a charming destination edged by two miles of Pacific coastline and renowned for its stunning views. This laid-back and charming seaside hideaway is located twenty minutes north of San Diego and it is loved for its wonderful beaches and historic village, as well as exciting attractions and activities such as the legendary racetrack and Birch Aquarium. There are plenty of attractions and things to do in Del Mar, so a trip to this destination will be worth the money. You can visit the village shops, beautiful beaches, galleries or restaurants during your trip, but you can also engage in more exciting activities and go surfing or explore the Torrey Pines State Reserve. Here are Del Mar’s most popular attractions:


Visiting the Village of Del Mar


This unique and quiet village should be enjoyed on foot. A truly relaxing oasis, the Village of Del Mar has a historic downtown dating back to the 1880s. You will find unique shops and art galleries, restaurants and cafes, parks and markets, because most of them are overlooking the ocean and have sidewalk seating, allowing you to take in the beautiful scenery while eating and shopping. The village is a hidden gem for tourists that like to visit historic sites and uncover the mysteries of an old town. What is more, strolling down the peaceful streets will give you a wonderful feeling of serenity and help you unwind. You will also love the Del Mar Farmer’s Market. It is a lively place where you will find international cuisine, art and products from around the world in one place. The market is also a place where locals organize family events and bring out the freshest local products such as seafood, meat, honey, vegetables and flowers.


Del Mar racetrack – an exciting trip


The live thoroughbred racing at the Del Mar racetrack is truly exciting. Experience the thrill of watching and participating at high-stakes racing events to make things more fun. If you visit Del Mar during the summer, you might be lucky to see the Summer Concert Series and many other exciting events such as the Gourmet Food Truck Festival, which are hosted here. The Del Mar thoroughbred racetrack is famous for its events and well-organized races that will surely be worth the trip.


Unwind on beautiful white beaches


Del Mar is also famous for its white beaches. You have two miles of sand, sun, water and happiness at your disposal to relax and get all the stress accumulated throughout the year out of your system. The seaside here is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, surfing and snorkeling, not to mention that the Pacific waves are a sight you will not forget. You can choose to explore the beach or the waters, because this region has plenty of sea life you can admire, including sea lions, whales and maritime birds. You can also go fishing and kayaking, not to mention that the Crest Canyon also hides some interesting hiking trails.