The new tourism era going underwater

Sep 27, 12 The new tourism era  going underwater

You’ve seen movies, videos, extreme adventures with people that go below in order to capture fascinating images and shots. Now, how many of you would be interest in spending a night underwater? And by that, it’s understandable that submarines are out of question. How much are you willing to pay to explore the secrets of the ocean? And what’s your opinion regarding to wake up with a bunch of colorful fish at your glass window? The underwater tourism is the latest catch, mostly dedicated to wealthy people eager to experience new “shores”.

The impressive Dubai is world-wide known for its imperial 7 stars hotel, the Burj-Al-Arab. However, their development regarding tourism didn’t stop at here, continuing no where else than down into the deep sea. Constructions are about to begin for the five rated stars hotel, Water Discus. Japan and Dubai are competing for becoming the first ones to open such hotels. Still the impressive city, rich in paraffin oil mentioned 21 created rooms, which will go at least 30 feet below the water surface. With a round disk shape, it will also have a platform beneath the water surface, where there will be amazing facilities, including gardens and swimming pools. With modern appearances, some projected after space ship shafts, the entire project seems promiscuous enough and the projected images have already drawn the attention expresses through the tourists desire of visiting the place once it’s completely founded. Previously, there was another attempt to start the underwater tourism in Dubai, through the Hydropolis hotel, but apparently the economical crisis affected the project a lot. Nowadays, calculations have been done with a bigger care and the total invested amount will random between 50% and 120 million dollars.

Curious and intrigued persons about booking a room will have to pay 15.000 dollars per person for a whole week staying at what it about to become the world’s premier underwater tourism resort. The price however includes piloting lessons with the submarine, personal butlers, due to the fact that you’ll be staying in more than just one room, in order to visit the entire facilities in each settlement. To complete the aquatic paradise, Water Discus will be equipped with 7 bars and 6 restaurants, a relaxing spa, golf terrains and scuba lessons, among other distractions. It has been announced that within 2 years period, people can start making reservations, because the foundation of this project is a true fact! And the price of a room doesn’t seem to bother people, mentioning the fact that 120.000 have already registered to the newsletter, so that they’d be the first to know when a booking will be available.

But this is not the only surprise Triton and also the US Submarines have prepared. There has been planned a whole different construction, the underwater construction, thus if you love the ocean, now you’ve got the privilege to actually live in it. Commercial and also residential buildings are about to take on the real estate market! Japan joins the race for the world’s first undersea resort, competing with Poseidon, a hotel much bigger than Dubai has mentioned, situated even deeper below the water surface, at 40 feet under. At the exact same amount of money you get to spend an underwater week whether in Dubai, or in Fiji. What is more, Istanbul desires to have its own underwater resort, though it couldn’t possibly be a watch for the rest of them. While waiting for luxury to bloom under the sea, you can still taste a bit from this tourism opportunity, by visiting some other locations already installed in the underwater tourism era!

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