The mesmerizing places to visit this autumn

Sep 10, 12 The mesmerizing places to visit this autumn

Autumn… the sea of golden and orange leaves and the fresh scented air that carries you on the wings of nostalgia… after three months of exciting and hot summer, fall is ready to accompany you with breathtaking views and spectacular landscapes. Whether you are a nature lover or you love the noise of the city, there is a destination for you and you will surely enjoy one of the top 7 tourist attractions for this fall:

The old European continent is again at the top of the list with beautiful cities such as Florence, in Italy. Home to the Renaissance movement, this classical destination is at the top of the list and will always be in the hearts of art lovers. As one of the major European cultural centers, Florence has given the world an amazing heritage which includes classical paintings, sculptures and other masterpieces that are representative for our civilization. You will definitely enjoy this magical city, especially if you time your trip for the begging of autumn, when there is less agitation and the discounts are bigger discounts.

This exciting town of Munich is opening its gates as October approaches. Best known for the famous Oktoberfest, Munich will please the party lover in you. The huge beer tents will welcome you with traditional Bavarian beer and outgoing, friendly locals that cannot wait to tell you more about the German culture.

As a tourist attraction, Marrakesh is an all-encompassing treat, having something even for the most demanding tastes. The already famous bazaars and local markets are waiting for you with special souvenirs, and the exotic view of the Atlas Mountains will make your visit memorable. In the town of Essaouria you can enjoy the seaside and relax after a long day of sightseeing. The best time to discover this wonderful area is early September, after the Ramadan, when the temperature doesn’t go very high.

The United States also have their share of tourist attractions, both urban and rural. During the autumn months, New York is the place that combines nature and city life alike. Take a walk through the enormous Central Park and experience the feeling of total liberation as you discover the wide colorful streets. The entertainment possibilities are endless, from concerts to football games, cinemas and restaurants. Accommodation services are very professional and you can find the perfect place to stay at a reasonable price.

If National Parks are what you are looking for, the awe-inspiring view of the Great Smoky Mountains  will remain in your memories forever. Not only you can connect with nature, but there is a wide range of exciting activities available, such as rafting or horse riding.

Wine and nature lovers alike will enjoy the world famous wine valley in California. Hotels are offering comfortable and sumptuous accommodation, and  the 250 wineries in this region are a must for any tourist.

The beautiful tourist attraction of New England is situated in the North of the United States and has a reputation for the heavenly landscapes that take your breath away. You can enjoy fall in its multitude of colors and detach yourself from the noisy city life while admiring the local architecture. Simply sit back and let the beauty of nature take over your spirit and wash away the worries a busy and agitated  life.