The many castles on Romanian land

Oct 02, 12 The many castles on Romanian land

History is always intriguing when it comes to traveling. Whether it is the tale of a bloody battle or a sad love story, travelers seem to be attracted by foreign cultures, with hidden, mysterious places. What better way to visit a location as Romania, than making a tour of the many castles it holds?

This country will fascinated any tourist by opening a gateway towards an unknown history.


The Bran Castle

Is there anyone left out there who hasn’t heard of the bloody Count Dracula? The famous author Bram Stoker offers the ale of one of the most eye-catching treasures that Romania holds. It is situated in the heart of Transilvania, in the small village of Bran. Build on a rock hill, the castle seems to be closely watching everything that is going on. Sometimes, in the night, you feel as if Count Dracula comes to life and is following your every step. Visiting the Bran castle is a thrilling experience. A mixture of history and imagination will provide the travelers with an unique experience.


Getting to this touristic point, the best transportation option you could choose would be a train fair from Bucharest to Brasov, which is only 16 miles away. There are many buses that head out to Bran village, all leaving from the train station. An old staircase, a magical fountain and a breathtaking view is the gift that this castles offers the tourists.


The Hunyad Castle

One of the crown jewels among the many castle in Romanian tourism, the home of the Corvinesti family, this fortress holds within its walls amazing tales of ghosts and ruthless kings. It is built in the middle Ages style. It dates since the 14th century and even though time left its marks on the building, it is still one of the most well preserved castles in Romania. This is a place where you can free your imagination, because man’s hand has not touched the basic architecture. Stone and marble stairs, hidden doors, thick stained glass, tall detailed ceiling, these are just a few things that awaits the tourist.


What is more, in the night time it said that a princess makes her presence felt. She strolls along the castles garden in search for her prince. Sounds of steps are often heard in the castle as well battle cries in the field. Also, if you like thrilling experiences, then visit the torture room and prison, found in the basement of the castle. There is no better place to meet a ghost.


As for the transportation option, the train is once again the solution. The Hunyad castle is located in a small town called Hunedoara. There are not many trains that travel from Bucharest to Deva, which is closest to your destination, only 19 miles away. From Deva, take the train or the bus to Hunedoara.


Peles castle

Residence to the Romanian royal family, Peles castle is very different from the other many castles one can find on this territory. All of Europe has heard of this German Renaissance jewelery, taking first place in this category. Full of small, amazing details, Peles castle is situated in a mountain resort called Sinaia. Holding in the background the Bucegi Mountains, Carol I visualized it and it took him 10 years to complete it. Entering this castle, you will find carved wooden furnish, Cristal chandeliers, a breathtaking staircase and Persian carpets of the finest quality.


It truly is a castle fit for queens and kings. In this case, the transportation options are various. The only thing you need to do is to take the train from Bucharest to Sinaia. It is direct and the trip lasts an hour and a half. Be sure to put it on your sight list.


Besides the many castles and fortresses that one can find on Romanian land, this location holds many more. Wild and thrilling images are waiting curious tourists. It is truly a one of a kind destination. Romania is a complete traveling experience.