The long awaited Seoul holiday

Oct 02, 12 The long awaited Seoul holiday

Seoul is the capital and the largest metropolis of South Korea, a versatile and full of surprises city that offers memorable experiences, especially if you are passionate about art, culture and fashion. This is a world in itself and for good reason people call it “ the miracle of Han”. Even though it is a city of towering skyscrapers and sleek freeways, of glamorous cafes, world-class restaurants, great fashion and entertainment, it still preserves a hidden treasure-trove of ancient palaces, a tremendous number of museums and old buildings that make a powerful statement about the old residential districts and allow visitors to experience the traditional Korean culture.


No self-respecting world traveler can ignore Seoul, a fascinating destination with something special to offer to all. The best time to consider a Seoul holiday is in spring and autumn when temperatures are comfortable and enable you to visit the city and fully enjoy the range of cultural attractions, vibrant events and festivals which are unparallelled. Although it is considered a congested city that experiences a polluted nightmare, the range of stately skyscrapers doesn’t overshadow the centuries-old palaces and shrines. In fact the old and new co-exist in perfect harmony resurrecting an unique city filled with fascination. And the nightlife in Seoul is vibrant and legendary, with something special that suits both relaxing and adventurous holidays.


Lotus Lantern Festival Korea is a relatively new concept developed around the theme “Old stories of Seoul told through lanterns” and supervised by the Seoul Tourism Organization. It is a modern festival that celebrates the Lord Buddha’s birthday and consists of a series of events and expositions that take place from Cheonggye Square to Gwansoo Bridge and attract people from every corner of the world. Other famed events include Hi Seoul Festival and Seoul International Jazz Festival, two special festivals that you can enjoy if your visit Seoul in May. Furthermore, Jongmyodaeje, Seoul Open Night, Seoul Drum Festival, Sajikdaeje, as well as Korean Traditional Music Festival, Seoul International Fireworks Festival, Globalization of Korean Festival and Hwangudaeje are some of the most prominent cultural events held every year, that attract an impressive number of tourists from all over the world. Everything is absolutely a delight because Seoul is without a doubt a city of cultures and religious that exudes an air of serenity combined with a modern buzz that is more and more representative for South Korea.


When you enjoy your Korea holiday, you should mark on your list several cultural events, but remember that there are many tempting places and historical sights that you must visit. You should open the list with the Gyeongbokgung Palace, built in 1395, that hosts the National Folk Museum of Korea, is one of the most important historic palaces in Korea. The magnificent palace has gone through a comprehensive process of restoration, without losing the genuine charm and mystery. Not far beyond is the MyeongDong NANTA Theater, one of the most powerful symbols of Korean Catholicism, a Gothic-styled theater rich in tradition, where you can enjoy non-verbal performances and exhibitions. The Samcheong-dong Bukchon is the perfect destination if you want to learn more about the Korean traditional villages and particularly, about the Hanok – traditional Korean-style house. The Hanok architecture is aiming to highlight the topographical feature of the land on which it is built, so small houses complement the natural surroundings and take you into an old, fascinating world. Jongmyo Shrine, as well as Changdeokgung and Bongeunsa are historic sites worth visiting. And if you are looking to buy fabulous antiques a shopping sessionat Namdaemun Market or Insadong is the ideal choice.


All in all, Seoul is a social, cultural, political and economic centre of the South Korea, a magnificent place with over 5000 years of historical evidence that prove why it is one of the most admired cities of the world. Ancient temples, palaces, museums, natural and cultural highlights co-exist with restaurants, markets, entertainment venues, shopping plazas and skyscrapers, while the hidden pages of history are breathing through the thrilling and dynamic present.