The best destinations for children

Oct 02, 12 The best destinations for children

Taking your children with you on holiday can sometimes be a challenge. It is very difficult at times to enjoy the places you want to see, because the little ones lose their patience and walking for hours though museums is not their idea of fun and excitement. You can solve this problem very easily, however, because there are many cultural destinations which also provide attractions for kids. That way, you can have a great time and your child will enjoy the time spent together as well. From amusement parks to zoos and museums, all major cities have facilities specially designed to keep all family members entertained.

Amusement parks

It is not surprising that amusement parks are on the top of the list and that the first major example is Disneyland. This theme park is perhaps every child’s dream and telling your offspring that you are planning a trip to Disneyland will make him jump of joy. Without a shadow of a doubt, your son/daughter will love meeting the famous Disney characters, playing in arcades and going on fun rides. Next, there is the place with the most roller coaster rides, Cedar Point, in Ohio, where your child will be entertained for hours and even you will not resist trying some of the rides. Our third suggestion comes from Germany and it is the Europa Park, which is intentionally famous for its thematic areas. That way, your child will have fun and learn about many cultures at the same time.

Zoos will always have a special place in any child’s dream vacation, which is why you should include one on your list of attractions. The Singapore Zoo is a special place for kids and parents alike, having a stunning number of wild creatures and offering the unique Jungle Breakfast experience. Then, there is the prestigious San Diego Zoo, where you can see the Giant Panda and other 650 species. If you are going to Europe, make sure you visit the Schonbrunn Zoo, in Vienna, which is the oldest zoo in the world and has a Rainforest House.


The terms “museums” and “children” don’t usually harmonize, but you should know that you can enrich your child’s cultural knowledge by taking him to a museum created specially for kids. A perfect example is the Natural History Museum in London, where both you and your children can enjoy dinosaur galleries, skeletons and other special exhibitions. If your kid is showing interest in arts, then you should not hesitate to see the Art Institute of Chicago, where there is a gallery made for children. In Brussels, Belgium, the Children’s Museum comes with a variety of exhibitions and activities, fun and instructive at the same time.

Last, but not least, you should remember that the majesty of nature can impress people of all ages, which is why you should take your child to the most significant geographical attractions in your country. The seaside is always a great holiday destination for the whole family, but you should also consider the mountains or rivers/waterfalls. When traveling abroad, make sure you give your little one the chance to see international landmarks from an early age: the Grand Canyon, the Niagara Falls, the Eiffel Tower and so on.