The ancient story of Cappadocia

Oct 16, 12 The ancient story of Cappadocia

Traveling should be all about getting to know new and fresh locations each time, so why settle for the same destination over and over again? If you are on the lookout for new places to visit, here is a fascinating idea for all adventurers out there.

What is Cappadocia?

Situated in the heart of Turkey, Cappadocia is an ancient location, that brings history and breathtaking natural wonders together. A cultural destination, Cappadocia represents the home of the Assyrian civilization, but also the secret hiding place of the first Christian population, persecuted by the Roman Empire. The underground city was the perfect location to make one disappear into thin air. The structures appeared naturally over time, soon becoming one of the most visited sites in the small area. Furthermore, around 3000 churches made up of rock can be found here, but of course that not all can be viewed by tourists. Entering the small homes, you will be surprised to find an actual room partition, with a proper sleeping space and a kitchen. Another good reason for visiting Cappadocia is the thrilling experience of a hot air balloon flight. This is how you can view the entire region and enjoy one of the best views in the world. The flight itself lasts for about an hour and a half, but there is a tradition, according to which you have to toast a glass of champagne on landing. The region is known for its wine and expensive handmade carpets, so this trip can prove to be quite the shopping session.

Where to stay in Cappadocia?

Everyone is aware of the touristic potential, so you will have no difficulty in finding appropriate accommodation. For instance, only in Goreme alone there are 92 hotels available for tourists. However, here is a great idea, if you want the complete Cappadocia experience. Try to find hotels which are situated in the actual stone cities. Hotel owners have come up with this plan, capturing the attention of more and more tourists. The rooms are extremely luxurious even if they are placed inside old rock buildings. Temperatures are high all throughout the year, so you don’t have to worry about the cold. Cappadocia has a unique way of promoting its own history, which seems to be rather appealing to tourists.

How to get to Cappadocia?

Getting to this stunning place is not difficult at all. First you board on a plane to Istanbul and then go to the closest airport available to tourists in the small town of Kayseri, which is situated at 75 km from Cappadocia. There are many buses, which can then take you directly to your hotel. Another route could be Ankara- Cappadocia. The distance of 300 kms between the two spots can be made by means of a bus.

Turkey is a great travel destination, especially if you try mixing the agitated city of Istanbul, full of people and old oriental buildings, with the silence and culture which reigns over Cappadocia. A route such as this one could make you aware of how much civilization has grown and what the ancient past looked like.