The 7 wonders from Dubai

Oct 02, 12 The 7 wonders from Dubai

A long forgotten city situated in the southern part of the UAE, Dubai has a blooming industry, economy and not to mention about the tourism, thanks to the huge mass of paraffin oil hidden underneath the earth. Ever since then, Dubai has a single purpose: to become the world’s most mesmerizing wonder, filling in the gaps with massive luxurious opportunities for wealthy people. While some are enjoying their exotic vacations, visiting the best places on earth, others are happy and proud of the fact that they obtained an employment in this fascinating city with breath taking panoramic views. You can definitely mention Dubai in history, having 7 wonders to visit you’ll always want to come back at and stare once more, explore the changes.

1. Ski Dubai – snow at 48 degrees

Though it annually registers high degrees, due to the climate and its geographical position, the Dubai habitants wanted to feel the cool breeze of snow. So there you have it, the world’s largest ski resort, in a tropical climate. Situated inside the mall, which obviously is one of the largest ones in the world, the resort measures about 22.500 square meters where you can slide with your sledge, go skiing, fight with snowballs. Winter is possible in Dubai and Santa can come over with his reindeers on Christmas Eve.

2. Dubai mall – another world record

There’s no match for the Dubai creations! They want to be the best and unbeatable so whenever Dubai crosses your mind, you have to think big! Already being completed for several years now, its total area leads to not less than 12 million square feet. It’s something like the mall of malls, due to the fact that it swallows somewhat between 10 and 15 other malls. For shopaholics, there are over 1.000 stores with gorgeous items to explore, discover and purchase. Ladies would simply love a golden credit card and a shopping round in Dubai. Since it has to be something massive and strike the attention world-wide, just as one of the World’s Wonders, the mall includes several settlements for all ages and genders. Starting with the Fashion Island, which is about 850.000 square feet, continuing with the huge aquarium, including the world’s largest ski resort mentioned above, you’ll also find other mesmerizing placed like the Oasis Fountain Waterfall or the WaterFront Atrium. It has been given five awards even before completion of the whole project. The brochure itself won several awards.

3. Human made Earth – The world Islands

If you’ve though it couldn’t get bigger than this, the Dubai genius comes with another shocking surprise. It’s said that Earth has its actual dispersions due to the fact that it has previously been a single continent. With the time being and the natural catastrophes, it has been divided into what it is nowadays. Some people make maps with Earth, while the Dubai ingenious persons have designed The world Islands, the largest archipelago which, by the man, is human made! There are 300 islands forming a world map. And it has all been built from the sand dredges. You can definitely say that as long as you’ve got the cash, you can let your imagination run wild and be good at it. Now, who wouldn’t want to be part of a shipwreck on one of these gorgeous islands? The only mean of transportation between the islands and the civilization is by boat or helicopter. Want to get your own island? It’s perfectly okay to purchase one of these with sizes of 23.000 square meters, up to 84.000 square meters, as long as you’re up to spending somewhere in between 15 and 45 million dollars. The overall price for the whole archipelago leads to 14 billion dollars. They must have been quite inventive to design such project!

4. Welcome to Dubai land – the world’s largest “Disney Land”

If you’re up for fun, then head over to the Dubai amusement park, where you’ll get all the action needed and the distraction from stress. It’s time to dispose all your worries away. Choose one of the 6 worlds and start enjoying yourself. Here’s what you get, by joining the fun zone:
– Attractions and Experience World: with movies to watch at the Universal Studios Dubai, Tiger Woods, Global Village, water parks, Giants World, Bawadi, Snowdome – another ski resort, Aquadunya and of course Kids City.
– Retail and Entertainment World: flea market, auction world, World Trade park and factory outlets. If you aspire of becoming an entrepreneur, then here’s your chance to practice.
– Sports and Outdoor World: there’s the Sports City, the Golf City, Emerat Sports World, the autodrome and also plantation equestrian along with the polo club. Ready to get straight to the action?
– Leisure and Vacation World: women get a chance to be themselves, having their own world, then there’s the destination Dubai, the Andalusian resort and Spa and also the Desert Kingdom to explore.
– Eco-Tourism World: Stay green with the ecological world of Dubai and have some fun through the Al Sahara Desert, the Al Kaheer, or make reservations for the Sand Dune Hotel.
– Downtown: Up for the night life? Head straight to the mall, or go for a city walk. You might as well enjoy the virtual game world or if you’re accompanied the it’s about time for a ride in the Great Dubai Wheel to observe the scenery together.
5. Palm Islands – another human made Dubai Wonder

Palm Deira, as they are called, are the three world’s largest artificial islands in the world. This time, created from rock and sand, in shape of a palm tree, they were meant to be the settlement for nearly 100 luxury hotels with residential facilities, like private beach, restaurants, villas, residences for wealthy people. Measured with Paris in size, within the next 10 years the whole completion would have been finished and the islands will offer all the mentioned facilities.

6. Burj Dubai – better than the former World Trade Center

The Empire States, the Sears Tower? They’re all nothing compared to Burj Dubai, the world’s definitely and by the far most largest building in the world. With a 4 billion dollars budget the building just didn’t seem to be complete. So, for the second part, the Downtown Dubai, there were added about 20 billion dollars. If you’re questioning about the revolutionary shape of the building, this resembles much a desert flower which was used almost in the majority of the Islamic architecture patterns. Apart from that it provides a much greater stability. House shops, residences, offices, they’re all a small part from the huge building, so feel free to start cashing away.

7. The first underwater hotel – Discus Hotel

Though there’s a tight competition with Fiji, on being the first to launch the luxurious underwater hotel business, the Dubai agents mentioned the construction will be finished within 2 years, while it takes longer to the Japanese to complete theirs. 15.000 dollars per week for a person and you get to live a real underwater experience, having a personal butler, eating at 6 fine restaurants and enjoying drinks and cocktails at one of the 7 bars. With spa, golf clubs, swimming pools, it will be a delight to receive the 5 stars hotel with a warm welcome.