Route 66 – the best of USA road trips

Oct 04, 14 Route 66 – the best of USA road trips

The United States of America are a destination that many tourists dream of. Apart from the stunning metropolitan cities that have so much to offer to the eye, such as New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia or San Francisco, and the great beach destinations, such as Miami, LA or Hawaii, the US is famous for its road trips opportunities. Due to the fact that the country is so stretched from the East Coast to the West Coast, USA road trips throughout the country are incredible adventures that allow travellers to view stunning sights and explore impressive cities.  Of all the itineraries you can choose for a road trip in the US, Route 66, also known as the Mother Road, is the best choice. It is one of the oldest highways in the States, being part of the original highway system developed in US in the 1920s, and it offers great sights, an exciting adventure and bustling cities to explore along the way.


Route 66, the mother of USA road trips, starts in Chicago, Illinois and takes you all the way to Los Angeles, California. Of course, before getting behind the wheel, it would be a great idea to take a couple of days and explore the windy city. There is plenty to see and do in Chicago, before driving along the Main Street of America. After you leave Chicago, make sure you stop in Springfield, Illinois, the hometown of Abraham Lincoln and check the several museums that remember him. Also, it would be fun to stop at the Route 66 Drive-In Theatre and catch a movie, along with a taste of 1950s America. Springfield is followed by St Louis, Missouri, where you can see the impressive Gateway Arch, the artistic Citygarden, the Butterfly House and lively shows, as St Louis is known for its rich community of performing arts. Next stop should be Springfield, Missouri, the place where Route 66 got its name in 1926. You can visit the Fantastic Caverns and taste the delicious dishes of the local restaurants. If you would like to experience a bit of the cowboys’ life, then be sure to stop in Oklahoma City and if you are a fan of antique shops and cafes, then don’t pass through Amarillo, in Texas. Here, you can also stop and graffiti paint buried Cadillac cars.


As you can see, it’s not for nothing that Route 66 is considered the best of USA road trips and we are merely half way through the itinerary. If you are one of the many, many fans of Breaking Bad, then you will surely want to stop in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where you can take a bus tour of the filming locations. As you pass through Arizona, you will drive along the Navajo Indian county, which gives you the chance to explore the great Indian heritage, before stopping at the breath taking Grand Canyon. Take a walk around the rim or even the helicopter tour, as it’s all worth it. It’s more than obvious that after the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas is next and you don’t need to be told what you can see or do in Vegas, that’s for sure. Route 66 ends in the sunshine city of Los Angeles, the home of celebrities, Beverly Hills and Hollywood. As you pull up your car, you will certainly get the feeling that you’ve taken the best drive of your life.