Romantic hotels – vacation, design and love

Nov 29, 12 Romantic hotels – vacation, design and love

No matter if you spend your holiday in an Eco paradise or a cosmopolitan city, pick a hotel with a sophisticated design. It’s the perfect setting for your love story and even if the glamor of these hotels can cost you more than the average classical getaway, you will find the experience memorable and you’ll definitely want to come back. So, if you recently got married and want to find the perfect dream hotel for your honeymoon or you’re simply celebrating a meaningful event, these are several hotels that will leave both you and your partner breathless.

Ana Yela, Marrakech
Get ready for an Arabian adventure worthy of 1001 nights! Book your romantic holiday at Ana Yela, a three century old palace, turned into an opulent boutique hotel. This place is now the most charming jewel of Marrakech. More captivating than the dreamscape view is the love story which took place behind the sealed doors of the palace: the story of a 16 year old girl and her lover, who used to secretly meet in the Tapis Volan Tower, which still exists today. A manuscript describing the story of the two was discovered in secret passageway, during the 2007 restoration. The story is not engraved, in Arabian caligraphy, on the door of the property. Unlike the two lovers, you and your partner will be able to live your fairytale, enjoying the heated pool from the inner yard. So if you were looking for some cool places to visit, this location offers you both relaxation and quiet times with your significant others, but an exciting and unique history as well. With so many delights, it’s no wonder that guests feel just like in a modern love story!

Palazzina Grassi, Venezia
Venezia means carnival, film festivals, arts, history, masks, love…and the superb Palazzina Grassi Hotel! Situated right in the heart of Venice, in the San Marco Plaza, at a stone’s through of Palazzo Grassi, this XVI century building was transformed by Philippe Strarck into a state of the art luxurious hotel. There was no detail to remain neglected by his genius, always careful with local decorative elements, such as associating Venice bricks with mahogany in an avant-garde setting. And for the indulgence in this hotel to be supreme, you and your partner can enjoy a wonderful dinner experience at the restaurant which is a modern interpretation of the traditions “ciccheteria”or “osteria”. Club G, which has a view towards Canale Grande, is the first place in Italy (and the fourth in the world) to have a Krug Room, that is a room where guests can enjoy some privacy while drinking the whole range of Krung champagne.

Alila Villas Uluwatu, Bali

A destination for complete and utter relaxation, indulgence, dreaming: for the lucky ones, it seems that there is a heaven on earth! It’s called Alila Villas Uluwatu and it’s the first resort in Bali to receive the Green Globe certificate for supreme Eco-friendliness. The leitmotif of this wonderful setting is harmony with nature, present in absolutely all of the design and architecture elements – from building materials that come only from local sources, to the smooth, almost unnoticeable transition between interior and exterior. The spectacular tropical scenery was seamlessly integrated in all the design elements, the owners helping the place come to life. Situated on a 100 m high rock, the luxurious villas are open towards the exterior, so that you can enjoy the wonderful view of the Indian Ocean, which can be admired from the bed or…the bathtub! These are some very cool places to visit that we recommend for a romantic vacation or a honeymoon, and we hope all of you were able to choose at least a destination to your liking.