Pack smartly for a perfect vacation

Aug 26, 14 Pack smartly for a perfect vacation

Women always have a hard time packing for their vacations, because the space limit is simply too unfair to fit all the shoes and dresses that you absolutely need to take to complete a perfect vacation. Having to pick between the pink dress and the lilac dress would not only take an eternity, but it will also be a stressful business. Women will always pack more clothes than they can wear, because you never know when a special event might appear and you will need to be prepared for the occasion and have an elegant night dress with you, not to mention that with certain outfits, you can only wear certain pairs of shoes and accessories. Packing the luggage for a vacation is an endless battle, so the first rule is to take your time. Packing smartly involves taking things with you that will serve multiple purposes. For instance, by using a sash ribbon as an accessory to recreate various looks you will be fashionable even without having to take the entire wardrobe after you. Another example is to take that pair of shoes and handbag that fit more than one outfit.


If you wait until the last moment, you will have to make hasty decisions and take the wrong things with you. There are certain simple tricks that can help you be fashionable during your entire vacation without you having to fill up your luggage to the point of refuse. For instance, pick accessories over more clothes and change your look swiftly by adding a sash ribbon to your beach dress to transform it into a perfect outfit for a night out. If you do not wish to wear the same thing twice during your trip, the answer is simple: transform it into something different. By attaching a sash ribbon to your clothes, the look and the entire feeling of it will change dramatically making you seem like having not one, but two suitcases after you.


If you spill the content of a luggage, you will notice that the things that occupy the most space are your clothes. Even though you will probably take only light summer clothing, if you take half the dresser with you, space will become a serious problem. This is why you should organize your clothes depending on the number of days you plan on staying. Doing your laundry on the road is probably the best solution, if the trip is going to last a couple of weeks or months. It might seem unacceptable to wear the same thing over and over again during our precious vacation when we have to look our best, but you can easily avoid this problem by adding a bit style and personality to your clothes. Ribbons and especially sash ribbons can make wonders in this case. The same dress or blouse you wore on the beach can easily become the perfect choice for a romantic evening out by transforming them in baby-doll clothing with a delicate ribbon sash. A ribbon sash will not take that much room in your luggage and can be utilized multiple times for a series of applications. The same ribbon you used to tie your waist can be used the next day to tie up your hair.