Knocking on Hell’s Door

Oct 08, 12 Knocking on Hell’s Door

If you love exploring the weirdest places on Earth, you have to know the existence of this amazing forsaken place. Wondering around to discover natural yet amazing places takes courage, patience and mostly, company. The Door to Hell, also known as Derwenze, is a village situated right in the middle of Asia, in the heart of Kara-Kum desert, where abound 350 people formed a village called Turkmenistan. These people come from the Teke tribe which used to settle there and make a living. You’re actually about to go no where to visit the Hell on Earth, as you may also call it, but it’s definitely going to worth the effort.

You’d better be prepared to face this, because in the middle of the desert, there’s no accommodation, no settlement, yet this amazing hole on the ground is a living proof that Hell does exist on Earth, too. The history began 35 years ago, when a team of scientists were trying to drain the area of gas. Once they’re reached the Turkmenistan region somewhere in Russia, they bumped into this massive region containing large quantities of gas. As any curious would have done, in order to explore the area furthermore, they’ve light up the place, to make the gas disappear on the surface. Their action caused a massive hole which started burning ever since then.


The mesmerizing fact is that ever since that decision was taken, the fire is still running in the Gate of Hell, without a single stop, not knowing how much gas there is and when it will be finished. It’s a rather strange phenomenon, because no one can tell with precision how is it possible for gas to be constantly found in a place under the earth and not drain just one bit, so that the fire would stop. And where does it come from? Is the kernel of Earth a massive gas production and will it never end? These are questions which couldn’t possibly be answered. The 70 meters diameter hole was created in 1971 with human help and it can easily be related with the unleash of Evil on Earth. Kara-Kum Desert has many surprises for tourists, but one of them can be considered that weird and spectacular at the same time.


The view is absolutely fascinating at night, leaving you with the sensation of a complete melt of the ground which has lost the fight against fire. However, none can stand on the margins of the The Gate of Door to Hell as it is also known, due to the massive gas that can be felt. Flames are to be seen miles away and the heat is impossible, a living hell. However, the villagers from nearby consider this as a wholly phenomenon and they don’t see a bad thing coming from it. Scientists have a different version, the opposite of it. It produces a massive global warming and the released methane is poisonous for the environment. However, no one can stop it and they fear other such developments would result out of this evil region. Humans have indeed released the hell on Earth and it was no other than the Soviet people who have caused it, though their intentions meant well at that time.

If you have the courage, the curiosity and the necessary time to visit Kara-Kum Desert, be sure to pass through the Door to Hell and observe for yourself the burning flames fighting to go beyond a hole in earth.