Insider travel tips for perfect Puerto Plata holidays

Aug 10, 15 Insider travel tips for perfect Puerto Plata holidays

Puerto Plata is one of the most popular Dominican Republic destinations because of its stunning scenery and countless activities that you can do. This is an excellent honeymoon destination but also a great choice for those who are travelling with their families. To this extent, before arriving in this wonderful location and taking part in those amazing Puerto Plata tours, here are a few travelling tips that will come in handy when you get there:


Travelling with pets

If you have decided to take your pets with you, you should know that the Department of Animal Health requires the following documentation to allow you to enter the country with your furry friends:

  • A health certificate that has been issued no more than 15 days before the arrival
  • Triple vaccine, anti-rabies vaccine and parvo-virus vaccine certificates that show inoculations 15 days before arrival.

These documents are requested for cats and dogs.


What to wear?

This is often a question that many tourists ask. Make sure you pack comfortable clothes, as Puerto Plata is very casual. Don’t forget your hat because you need it to protect you from the tropical sun. Of course, nice restaurants do request a semiformal attire, so pack an elegant dress and a nice collared shirt as well. If you plan on taking one of the Puerto Plata tours to the mountains, you should also take with you a sweater and a jacket.


Tipping etiquette

If your hotel has not already accounted for all the gratuities, the hotel employees will expect a tip, depending on the value of their service. Usually it’s 1 or 2 dollars per bag and the same when asking the valet for a car. Room service is 15% unless it has gratuity included.


Learn a little Spanish

Whenever you are travelling to a foreign country, it is always recommended to learn the basic names for words such as food, water, restroom, hello, thank you and so on. Not only will you be able to understand the locals better, but you will also enjoy the culture more and have a better overall experience. It is amazing how much learning small words and phrases can help you during your stay, so take a little time to read a guidebook in the airplane, on your way to Puerto Plata.


Immerse yourself in the culture

During your stay, make sure you walk the streets among the locals and experience the local culture as it is. Choose one morning to walk the streets of the city and see how businesses open up and locals prepare for a busy day. It will put you in sync with the local vibe of the city and make you enjoy your stay even more.


To conclude, if you want to make the most out of your trip to Puerto Plata, following these tips will certainly help you have a lovely time and be grateful for having taken the time to do the necessary arrangements before coming to this destination. The details are the ones that can make or break an entire holiday, so always make sure you have everything under control.