How to find the best accommodation

Oct 02, 12 How to find the best accommodation

When going on holiday, finding the perfect accommodation to match your budget is essential and can make the difference between a pleasant experience and a nightmare. We all want to be well rested before going sight-seeing, but if we have to sleep on a hard bed, with poor sanitary conditions and loud noises coming from everywhere, the tourist attraction loses its charm. There is a myth saying that good services can only be found in five star luxurious hotels, but this is not the case anymore. Even with a smaller budget, you can find very good conditions, especially if you know what you want and where to look for it.  These are a few useful pieces of advise that will make your choice easier:

Hotel, pension or homestay?

This is the first question you should ask yourself before starting searching for accommodation. The criteria, of course, is financial. The widespread belief is that hotels are the most comfortable, but this is not necessarily the case. Pensions often provide similar services at a lower price, making them perfect if you have a limited budget. Besides, pensions are more flexible when it comes to terms and conditions, so you are allowed to add many beds. However, some tend to be less private and secure than hotels, so if these two are crucial to you, then you should look for a hotel instead. The third option, homestay, is also suitable when you want to save money and it allows you to better understand the local way of life, being the best option if you intend to go on a longer holiday. The only thing is that there is a trust issue, in the sense that it is difficult to rely on an unknown person without seeing the accommodation conditions in advance. Young tourist, for example, use homestay when they go to the seaside. When a great deal of tourists come, hosts will often be waiting at the train station and propose them to come take a look at their home and if they like it, they stay. This is the most affordable option, but it can be time consuming  or stressful if you like planning in advance.

Always do some research
If you plan on staying in a hotel, then there is no excuse for not looking for information in advance. There are two ways you can book: by contacting the hotel directly or via a travel agency. Most hotels have websites, but there are also very useful booking services that allow you to fill in some information (location, holiday period, time of staying, budget) and then you receive a list with the hotels matching your criteria. This is extremely convenient, because such websites also include pictures of the rooms and, most importantly, rating facilities. That way, you can read opinions from tourists like yourself and know what to expect. Also, always be on the lookout for good deals. On travel sites, you can often find last minute offers and, if you are lucky, you can stay in a luxurious resort for half the money.

Stay in touch

Even after you make a reservation online, you should always speak to the guest yourself. Contact the reception and seek reassurance that your reservation was made and you can focus on the other aspects of your holiday: transport, sightseeing, meals and fun activities. By selecting the proper accommodation, you make the first step towards an extraordinary vacation