Follow the “Love trail” in romantic Italian Cinque Terre villages

Oct 04, 13 Follow the “Love trail” in romantic Italian Cinque Terre villages

The Cinque Terre hillsides, coastline and surrounding National Park have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, as a testimony to its beauty and uniqueness all over the globe. This touristic spot is made up of 5 villages that cling on to the sides of the rocks, hovering over the portion where the Ligurian Sea meets the steep mountains sides. The sight is as amazing for us today as it was in the past when these remarkable constructions were built out of necessity by the local fisherman who wanted to have settlements on the shoreline. The way they constructed their houses, piled one on top of another, in a terrain with an extremely inclined angle and facing the full power of the Mediterranean storms, is absolutely breath-taking. Add to that the Italian spirit of joy and happiness and the facades had to be vividly colored and embellished with a large variety of fishing inspired items and craftsmen’s objects. Attracting tourists all over the world in this romantic and rugged landscape, the allure and fame of Cinque Terre National Park is well deserved.

Situated on the western shore of Italy, in the region of Liguria, and in close vicinity to the city of La Spezia, the “Five Lands as they are also known include no less than 5 traditional Italian villages, today turned into touristic resorts, that are linked together by an over the water train and railway system. These diamonds of the Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre are, in order, white beached Monterosso al Mare, oddly shaped Vernazza, middle Corniglia, steap Manarola, and bright Riomaggiore. The maximum distance between the farthest points can be travelled in 30 minutes and a 7 day train pass can be bought at any train station for an available amount of Euro.

Travelling from place to place, admiring the sights and carefully constructed terraces and wondering about how people could build this cluster of living spaces and make it into an eye-catching wonder, makes a great afternoon for lovers and honeymooners alike, as the romantic feel of area is present all around. For more active travellers, there are more options than enjoying a quiet afternoon on a typical Italian restaurant or admiring the waves from the cliff hanging roads. There are two main trails on the mountains which run alongside the narrow ridges above the sea, connecting Portovenere to Levanto and called the “Alta Via” (High Path) and Riomaggiore to Monterosso, entitled the Blue Path which is Cinque Terre longest route and passes through all of the villages. However, the most searched for route has to be “Via Dell’Amore”, or Love Trail, which draws thousands of tourists all year round who want to enjoy this calm and relaxing walk with outstanding seaside views and remote portions of intimacy to saver a quiet picnic on top of a mountain cliff while glancing at your better half.

With easy access by local train from the town of Genoa or InterCitys connected to Milan, Rome, Turin and Tuscany, the Cinque Terre region has been attracting a growing number of tourists that left amazed at the natural and anthropic beauty of this world-wide heritage site.