Equip your car before travelling

Apr 24, 15 Equip your car before travelling

Road trips are extremely fun, especially if you are travelling with a group of friends or your family, but they also involve a prior period of planning and preparations. Before hitting the road, you have to make sure you are prepared of everything that may occur and that your car is in perfect condition. This will keep you safe and help you avoid accidents or breakdowns due to technical issues. Here are some suggestions about the things you must do before jumping in the car and starting the adventure.


Check all the technical aspects of the vehicle: the fluids, the air pressure, the lights and so on. For instance, if you know that you should change the oil soon, do it before leaving, to avoid an unnecessary pause during the trip. Check the tires or change them, if you know one of them has issues, because after a long road their condition can worsen and they will be unusable. Another important technical aspect is represented by the lights, especially if you will have to travel by night. Make sure they work appropriately and all the signals are in perfect condition, and change the bulbs if you notice any problem.


Clean the car. Remove old wrappers or cans you left under the chairs on the last road trip, wipe the board and steering wheel and vacuum the floor. This will prove extremely useful, because after few days spent in the car, you will see how dirt will accumulate again, and it will become extremely difficult to clean it out. Furthermore, you will need a lot of storage space, so waste has nothing to do in your car before the trip.


Make an emergency package. You never know what could happen, so the best thing you could do is take everything you consider useful: charged mobile phone (and the charger), water and food supplies, a map of the region where you are heading to, extra tires and first aid kit. In addition to this, make sure you tell somebody about your route and make sure you have the number of a vehicle towing company. Although you have checked the car and everything seems to be ok, unfortunate situations may occur, so you should be ready for anything.


Design an itinerary. Grab the map, look for touristic attractions you may run into on your way to the destination, and try to create a route which will also include some of these. It is known that sometimes, the road is more important than the destination, so try to make the best out of it. Be flexible, but do not forget to choose the most safe and shortest route.