Do’s and Don’ts when travelling from Cancun to Playa del Carmen

May 06, 15 Do’s and Don’ts when travelling from Cancun to Playa del Carmen

Going abroad is always a fun and exciting time in any person’s life, even more so if the country that he or she visits is one they have never been to before. Packing the bags, looking for things to wear and taking care of the flight arrangements are not the only things which should be on your mind when visiting another country, in particular one as memorable and rich in culture as Mexico. Here, the most important aspect is to be organized and plan everything in advance so as not to miss out on the beauties of the land, people and architecture. Those who are heading for the Cancun international airport should keep in mind that no matter if they are staying in Cancun or somewhere else along the coastline, such as in the stunning Playa del Carmen, they still need a way to get from the arrival gate to their accommodation which can be quite far. There are many mistakes being done by inexperienced travelers or individuals who have not done their research, haven’t been here before or simply are not very good at organizing trips which is why we are about to go through a small list of things to do and not to do when in the area.



  1. Find a reliable shuttle

Avoid crowded buses by choosing a shuttle service instead and enjoy the first moments of your memorable vacation from the comfort and security of your premium transportation. There is no classier or more recommendable way to start a voyage on the Riviera Maya than this!


  1. Book in advance

Take the time to make a reservation before you leave, preferably with a couple of days in advance. The sooner the better actually! Just search for shuttle Cancun Playa del Carmen online and you will find great companies. The reason why this is such an advisable action is because transport gets booked quickly and you don’t want to be left with the worse possible solutions.

  1. Opt for a shuttle companies you can read about online

A trustworthy and dependable firm does not act in secret, but rather it spreads the word regarding its activities, the routes it takes, prices it demands and chauffeurs it provides. Opt for those shuttle companies that have all of this information visible to clients online.




  1. Don’t take a taxi!

Cab or taxi drivers can be found in abundance in and around all of the major airports of the world but this does not mean that you should trust all of them. As a matter of fact, most independent drivers will charge you extra, take you on a rerouted course towards your accommodation, waste your time and have high financial demands in the end.



  1. Don’t take an unknown shuttle service

Trusting complete strangers with your luggage, health or even life is never recommended but in cases like these you have to resort to local transporters. The secret to a great ride to your hotel is to minimize the element of novelty by avoiding shuttle services you do not know of or haven’t read about online. Look on the web, choose a provider based on testimonials and client feedback and stick with that company!