Discovering Vietnam

Oct 22, 13 Discovering Vietnam

Traveling should be an exciting experience, one that challenges the viewer. Traveling should relax the viewer, give him a chance to leave his worries and problems back home and see the world with different eyes. It is said that only past experiences can dictate the manner in which you built the future. If this saying were true, then traveling should be an activity that brings wisdom and knowledge, helping the viewer grow. If you choose to understand traveling as more of a learning experience rather than a relaxation opportunity, a destination which speaks a lot of history, strength and traditions is Vietnam. Much like Thailand, Vietnam brings a natural, virgin beauty to the table, one that immediately convinces travelers.

Indeed Vietnam does have the power to surprise travelers through its lovely natural sights, through its impressive natural parks that are worth visiting. Each year, numerous travelers visit this country and enjoy seeing the tribal villages situated close to Sapa and Bac Ha. Others love hiking the mountains of Cao Bang, as they find that the majestic views they might gain are hard to discover anywhere else in the world. Large natural parks await the traveler, offering him hard to match sceneries. Vietnam is truly a cultural point travelers should not miss. Considering that this country was influenced by so many cultural waves, today it stands as a meeting point for all. Vietnam is the place in which the Hindu culture connects with Chinese influences and the result is the multifarious, yet highly appealing Vietnam.

These incredible and diversified cultural influences are visible in the Vietnam cuisine. Travelers are sure to enjoy dazzling menus, which include combination of spices and the sweet taste of coconut. At every street corner, you will most likely discover the powerful coffee smell and fresh baguettes, a remnant of the French colonization. Vietnam is surely a place of surprises, a place of contradictions which definitely increase its charm and convince travelers to return. Vietnam has empty, wild beaches, has natural parks that host unparalleled sights, has an interesting, surprising cuisine, but at the same time, Vietnam has restlessness, has large, agitated cities.

Vietnam is contrast and travelers love this aspect. There is no such thing as visiting Vietnam, without seeing the highly popular Hanoi or the blooming Ho Chi Minh City. These are essential visiting points, which are described in all traveling guides, so be sure to see them. They hold the key to understanding Vietnam. As far as accommodation is concerned, it is worth mentioning that Vietnam offers all possibilities, from luxurious hotels to hostels or charming guest houses or apartments. This country can provide visitors will all the traveling opportunities they might be in need to adequately visit Vietnam and enjoy both its beauty, as well as its culture. Just like in Thailand, the size of your budget depends on the price of the plane ticket, as Vietnam is not necessarily an expensive country. Discover Vietnam and you will surely enrich your perspective upon the world!