Cuba, the story of a cigar

Nov 01, 12 Cuba, the story of a cigar

If you are looking to find a real treat in your traveling experience, then the Republic of Cuba is where you should definitely head out. This small country will open up the doors to a new and exciting world, where you will be surrounded by the Habanera rhythms and the smell the famous Cuban cigars. Enjoying this trip is very easy, as Cuba has a lot to offer when it comes to sightseeing. Here are some of the most fascinating places which will help you to really discover Havana and fall in love with it.

San Cristobel Cathedral

A breathtaking religious monument, the San Cristobel Cathedral was built in the 18th century. With its baroque style on the outside and with marble and porcelain artifacts inside, it took the Jesuits almost 29 years to finish it. The Cathedral is considered as a true display of the Spanish art and visitors all over the world highly appreciate its beauty. Look over the internet to check the visiting hours, otherwise you might have the unpleasant surprise to find it closed. Because it marks the historic center of the city, on your way to the San Cristobel Cathedral you will have the chance to see a lovely square full of specific Cuban cafes.

The statue of Christ

Situated in the middle of Casa Blanca, the sculpture of Christ is built on the same pattern as the statue in Rio de Janeiro. The statue was considered a sign of faith and according to historic facts the Pope himself blessed this moment before it was brought to Cuba in 1956. It is one of the most important sights in Havana, being 20 meters tall, as it offers the tourists an overview of the entire city. You can easily get to Casa Blanca, by taking a ferry trip and in a matter of minutes you are the bottom of the statue. The trip is not at all expensive and it is definitely worth your trouble.

Simply enjoying Havana

Cuba is full of history, so really there are a lot of museums which you could visit and be dazzled by what you might find. The Museum of Art, the Theater of Havana, the San Salvador Castle these are just some of the touristic spots you should visit, but the best way of getting to know Havana is just by walking around town and enjoying a real Cuban dinner. Dona Eutemia is a small traditional Cuban restaurant, located close by the San Cristobel Cathedral. Here you will enjoy dishes like tamal or ropa vieja. You will be surprised of the way in which time passes in this lovely restaurant.

Cuba is a fascinating destination, as it combines perfectly the passionate rhythms of Latin music with history and the flavored smell of Cuban cigars. The image of an old African American woman preparing such a cigar on the blue steps of her house has traveled all around the world, letting people know of this small Caribbean island. The plan seems to be working as more and more people are choosing this exotic destination.