Checklist for your next Nozawa Onsen trip

Jul 15, 16 Checklist for your next Nozawa Onsen trip

If you have not planned yet your next holiday, you should definitely consider Japan or more exactly Nozawa Onsen. It is commonly known that Japan is a resourceful country that provides not only outstanding sceneries and landscapes, but also fun activities to do and other tourist attractions that should definitely be included in the itinerary. Planning a trip to Japan is not as difficult as it seems at first look, especially if you start with a checklist and add on it things such as accommodation in Nozawa Onsen, and the best tourist attractions.

Selecting the right accommodation

One of the first things you have to handle if you have decided to plan your next trip to Japan is to look for proper accommodation and what other better place to seek for an apartment for rent if not the internet. Do some detailed research online on the numerous online platforms that provide rental services in this region, since there is a wide variety of such websites. Use the search filters available on these websites, such as the price, the exact date, or whether you prefer an apartment closer to a specific tourist attraction or not, and select the accommodation that best suits your needs and budget. It is important to know that you can find apartments for rent in Nozawa Onsen that can fit any budget, so you do not have to worry about this aspect.

Most popular tourist attractions

Before going to this part of Japan, you should inform well regarding the most popular and beautiful tourist attractions that under no circumstances should they miss from your list. One of the things that should be included in your itinerary is seeing the famous Japan snow moneys in their natural habitat, so make sure you ask locals about these monkeys as soon as you arrive there. Another place that should not be missed are the Soto-Yu locations, which in Japanese means “public hot spring baths” and one of the bathhouses that has made this region quite popular is O-Yu. The Fire Festival is another reason why you should not miss Nozawa Onsen. The festival usually takes place in winter and is the biggest event that happens in the region over the year, not to mention that the combination of snow and fire is the one that attracts so many visitors every year. In the winter, you can also benefit from some of the most amazing and well-maintained ski resorts in the country as well.

What to consider before going

After you have found the right accommodation for you, there are other things you should take into account before actually going to Japan. Make sure all your documents, such as your ID card and passport are still available in order to avoid any unpleasant situations from happening. As soon as you arrive there, you should not get nervous if you see people on the street wearing surgical masks, since this does not mean there are diseases going around. The reasons why they may wear those masks is that they want to avoid catching a cold or want to protect others from catching a cold.