Cayman Islands – The Caribbean Fantasy

Sep 10, 12 Cayman Islands – The Caribbean Fantasy

The Cayman Islands are not only a fiscal paradise, but also a touristic one. Just imagine three little islands in the western Caribbean Sea, surrounded by the enigmatic Cuba and the lascivious Miami to the North, the puzzling Jamaica to the South-East and the exotic Belize to the West, filled with luxurious accommodation, restaurants and night clubs, as well as secluded beaches and pieces of land, all in the finest tropical weather man can find on this globe. A vacation to each of the three islands, the Grand Cayman, the Cayman Brac or the Little Cayman, is a fantasy for many who do not offered the significant investment it implies, but a heaven on earth for the lucky ones who do. The coral outcrop islands, with their mesmerizing coral reefs coming dramatically close to shore, are absolutely perfect for snorkeling or diving, which is a major attraction in the Caribbean. Discovered by Christopher Columbus in the early 1500s, the Cayman Islands were first named “Las Tortugas”, which probably sounds familiar from the famous “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, attaining their present name after the main meat source of the islands, the caiman, which was a sort of small crocodile. The caimans were so tasty that they very soon became extinct, due to excessive hunting.

The great history of the islands has nothing compared with the numbing scenery they have to offer, the touch of mystery they so subtly imply and the feeling of total escape you experience the moment your feet touch their ground.

The Grand Cayman Dream

The largest of the three, the Grand Cayman is what you would instantly call a mirage, a place outside this world, where relaxation, excitement and novelty all come together to flood your senses with some of the most beautiful colors, enticing smells, thrilling touches of the warm, breezy wind and divine flavors. The Seven Mile Beach, which is actually closer to six miles, is probably the most famous attraction of the Grand Cayman, a seemingly perfect stretch of pearly white sand, gently caressed by the azure waves of the sea, extending from George Town all the way to West Bay. The beach is like a timeless anchor of those wandered at sea, greeting the august cruise ships, as they serenely come to shore at the break of dawn. The Seven Mile Beach has been long praised by traveling guides and books, rating it the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean, having the extra advantage of not being too crowded or even too populated for that matter. Friendly stingrays are awaiting in Stingray City, a wonderful place for family adventures and playful moods.

Off beach activities should most definitely start in George Town, where even a simple walk can make you ecstatic, as you will be surrounded by a mix of luxurious buildings, filled with color and style, and large corporation structures, where all the financial turmoil takes place. Shopping paradise is a term that doesn’t even begin to describe the duty free wonderland that you will be able to enjoy here, starting from world famous designers like Gucci, Versace or Tiffany and ending with local, charming shops, which will amaze you with their craftsmanship. The mosaic of luxury shops and frugal boutiques may seem uncanny, but everything becomes possible in the Grand Cayman and you will enjoy the best shopping experience of your life.

If you stray off to the East, the island unveils its splendid natural beauty and finesse with the Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park, where you can learn all about Blue Iguanas, and the Wreck of the ten Sails Park, which pays tribute to the most legendary shipwreck of the island. As far as activities go, the Caribbean style is at its highest peak in Grand Cayman, thriving in joyous festivals, such as the  Pirates Week and the Batabano, and in delectable attraction sights, such as the Rum Point, the  Cayman Islands National Museum, Bodden Town, famous for being the very first capital of the islands, Pedro St. James, the National’s Trusts Mastic Trail, which will make you discover unspoiled areas of mystic woods, and the Cayman Turtle Farm.

The Cayman Brac Venture

The Cayman Brac is the adventure island, no doubt about it. It is the perfect place for those looking to step outside the box and sprinkle their vacation with exotic fauna and flora and adventurous activities. The entire island is a 14 square miles of amazing scenery and a unique community, where locals take great joy in showing tourists the wonders and enchantments of the place. There is nothing like sitting in a lounge chair, listening to the tales and histories of the natives, breathing the warm, gentle evening breeze and sipping a delicious cocktail. Filled with tiny, little towns such as Cotton Tree Bay, West End, Creek, Watering Place or Spot Bay, the Cayman Brac has numerous hotels and spa resorts that will make you think you have never relaxed in your life before.

And you will have plenty of things to unwind after, as your days on the Brac will be busy and energy consuming, whether you cross the island on foot, being mesmerized by the Bluff and the spine-tingling lighthouse view or you prefer exploring the sinkholes above the water and the limestone caves. Be prepared to hear some great stories and legends about the insular subterranean areas, which only go to speak further to the island’s uniqueness and splendor. But for sure you didn’t come all this way for caverns and legends, yet for underwater adventures and the warm waters of the Brac are perfect for those. The crystal clear sea in the area enables amazing dives for both parents and children. You will have the chance to admire various and numerous exotic fish, turtles, lobsters, stingrays, pipe horses, eagle rays, as well as an impressive array of walls, tunnels, caves and caverns, chutes and much more, basically everything you’d ever want from a tropical sea life.

If you are really into experiencing the island life at its best, then be sure to fish your own dinner. It will be fun and exciting and the Brac’s fantastic chefs will cook whatever you catch, using local cuisine traditions and enchanting your senses. On the other hand, if you want to fancy up for dinner, then you can choose from the many luxurious restaurants and cafes, which make use of a top of the live culinary culture.

The Little Cayman Getaway

The Little Cayman island is the smallest out of the three, but it’s everything you dream of when you really want to escape the world. Its secluded lands and peaceful beaches make it not only a top honeymoon destination, but also a popular choice for those in search of rest, relaxation and peace of mind. The island has less than 200 inhabitants, however, it’s not what you would call deserted. The stretches of pure, soft sand are in perfect condition, the accommodation options will definitely exceed your expectations and there are plenty of activities and festivals that fill the island with excitement and thrill.

It is redundant to mention the level of privacy you will be able to enjoy on Little Cayman, as you let the sun rays caress your body and the palm trees wind cool you off. If you really want to feel like the last man standing on this Earth, then be sure to check out the South Hole Sound Lagoon or the Owen Island, where nature itself is in its most primeval form. If it gets a little too quiet for your taste, remember that Little Cayman is the host of the famous Mardi Gras every year and it also delights is visitors with the Little Cayman Cook-off festival and the Pirates Week, when the island seems to come alive in rhythms of steel drums and reggae.

Beneath the bluest waters you’ll ever see lie the most dramatic and diverse dive sites within the whole three islands. The Bloody Bay Wall is a hugely popular attraction for divers, starting at just 15 feet below the water surface, as well as a perfect snorkeling site. Additionally, the Jackson Bight gives tourists spectacular reefs, corals, crevices and tunnels, as well as a rich marine life, including sharks, octopus and spotted eagle rays.

Any Caribbean vacation should include at least a short visit to the Little Cayman island, a true oasis of pure, unspoiled nature and sea life, where you can relax, find your peace and recharge your batteries. In fact, which ever of the three islands you choose for your vacation, you will be guaranteed first class accommodation, dazzling culinary experience, spectacular adventures and activities and fabulous entertainment, as well as astounding relaxation and recreation.