Travelling to Bulgaria – things to consider

Jan 30, 17 Travelling to Bulgaria – things to consider



Have you been to Bulgaria before? If you have not, it is time to put in on your bucket list because this country has increased a lot its touristic potential. However, if you ask why, there are many things that you should know about this country and we have prepared you a small list with the most important of them. But, firstly, there are some things that you should take into consideration when you organise your first trip to Bulgaria. Here they are.

Things to consider when you travel to Bulgaria for the first time

Do not forget to take care of airport transfer. According to tourists, one of the most annoying things is arriving to the airport and finding out that you should wait a lot for a taxi. As mentioned before, because the number of people, who choose visiting Bulgaria, is constantly increasing every year, finding a vehicle to come and pick you up from the airport can be a real challenge. Things can be even more difficult, if you want to find a car to take you from Sofia to Sunny Beach. Therefore, try to look for a Sofia to Sunny Beach Transfer and make your reservation on time.

Moreover, you should also pack your things wisely. If you decide to go to Sunny Beach, do not forget your swimming suit and also the sunblock lotion which can protect you for burning your skin. When it comes to accommodation, it is better to ask for the services of travel agency.

Some things to know about Bulgaria:

Bulgaria is a top destination for tourists thanks to its beautiful beaches. Also, the affordable prices are the strength of this Balkan destination. Those who have tried this thing before claim that nothing is more beautiful than a day spend on the beach, a place where you can relax while you are enjoying the golden sand and the crystal clear water. In case you do not like spending your day on the sun, you can go to mountains and enjoy the fresh air. Among the most popular Bulgarian mountain resorts, you can try Bansko, Pomporovo or Vitosha. They also offer you excellent ski condition, in case you decide to travel during winter.

Another important aspect which is highly appreciated about tourists who come here for the first time is the local cuisine. If you travel to Bulgaria, you can try a special type of cold soup made of yogurt, cucumbers and garlic. It is called “trator” and you can enjoy it can be found in many restaurants during the summer season. Last but not least, if you decide to take some souvenirs for your friends, you should definitely think about the small bottles of rose oil which can be real miracle for their skin.


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3 types of travelers that could use Rome airport taxis

Dec 22, 15 3 types of travelers that could use Rome airport taxis


Travelers are of various kinds, although you might find to difficult to believe. They may be joined by the same purpose, that of visiting cities around the world, understanding new cultures, traditions, people, but they are placed in different categories. The way in which they choose to do it and the manner in which they plan their entire trip varies greatly and it is a common perception that there are several types of travelers. Another aspect that brings these very different tourists together is their need for London, Paris or Rome airport taxis. Indeed, whatever their traveling destination might be, they are always inclined to use the services of a taxi company rather than any other form of airport transfer. Here are three of those categories of tourists that are joined by their need of taking a taxi from and to the airport.


The young weekend travelers


These tourists usually take city breaks, which are journeys that only last for a few days, usually Friday to Sunday, when they return back home. Given this small time frame, it is only natural for such tourists to want to make the best of their journey, which means using all their time wisely and in the purpose of visiting. Therefore, taking a taxi that will bring them in the hart of Rome where their hotel lies will allow them to gain a lot of time, which otherwise might have been lost, as they would be circling Rome trying to figure out where their accommodation lies. You may rest assured that this type of tourists will of course return in the same manner to the airport, as they will enjoy their trip to the very last minute.


The lovely old couple celebrating their anniversary


It is truly enchanting to see those old couples that are still in love and cherish each other dearly. They are a joy to look at. Some of these couples are always fond of traveling, fact, which makes them the second type of tourists requesting the services of a taxi company. It is simple to understand exactly why this type of tourists needs a taxi. Given their age, they need a comfortable option. Most likely they will have luggage and won’t be able to carry them through the streets of London. Also taking the taxi as opposed to taking a bus or the express train is evidently more comfortable.


Family trips


Surely one cannot leave out a rather popular tourist category. Trips enjoyed with the entire family are the best of all and are necessary. There is nothing more exciting or thrilling than taking your family with you and enjoying splendid cities like London or Rome. However, when arriving to your holiday destination, the number of luggage will certainly be a high one. So, the best thing you could possibly do is book a taxi. Specialized companies have all sort of vehicles part of their fleet, including those that are of a larger size. So, it is normal to choose a taxi instead of a bus or any other form of airport transfer.

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Visit Gloucester by taxi

Dec 11, 15 Visit Gloucester by taxi

Often when tourists decide to visit England, they also visit Gloucester. Tourists enjoy visiting this city because they can admire there heritage sites, that show a piece of the amazing history of the United Kingdom. Many times, they want to visit all in a single day, but they have to change their mind because they do not have time to get from a point to the other by walking by foot. In these cases, they should ask for the services of a taxi Gloucester, and in this way, they would not have to worry anymore.

What places they can visit when using a taxi

Almost every place from Gloucester can be visited by taxi, but there are some places that have to be seen in a one-day trip. The first heritage place they should see is Gloucester Cathedral, which is one of the finest medieval buildings in UK. After seeing the cathedral, tourists can visit the Gloucester City Museum and Art because there they can admire amazing exhibitions. If they are interested to see the Great Witcombe Roman Villa, they will definitely arrive there with a taxi. If they want to have fun with their family, they should visit the Barn Owl Centre, because they will quickly arrive there with a taxi, and their children will enjoy seeing the owls. If tourists visit Gloucester in the winter, they can go to the Gloucester Ski & Snowboard, which is located on the outskirts of the city.

Why using a taxi in Gloucester

When visiting a city like Gloucester, tourists will find cheaper to go from a place to the other by taxi, than with their car. Taxi is widely used by tourists because it is an efficient way of transportation. Families that have children find taxi a safe way of transportation, because in this way, their children stay with them, and they do not get lost in crowded city buses. In addition, if they want to see as many places as possible in the shortest time, taxis are a fast way of transportation. Taxis do not have to make multiple stops as buses do, and they do not have to spend time on trying to find a place for parking. Tourists that are for the first time in Gloucester, would want to visit the city by taxi because this is the safest way to not get lost in the city. Taxi is a way of reducing the risk of getting lost when someone is walking in an unfamiliar area, because taxi drivers know it well and they also know that fastest route of getting to a certain destination. People often use taxi when traveling in unfamiliar cities because most of the taxi drivers are high integrity persons, carefully selected by the taxi company. A taxi company promotes itself through the services offered by its employees, so it has to hire only trustful persons. Taxi is a safe way of transportation, because statistics say that traffic accidents caused by taxis are very few.

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The perks of having your own plane

Jun 29, 15 The perks of having your own plane

Having a private plane is not like having your own car, that is certain, but while years ago, only the wealthiest men on earth used to own one, nowadays this has become rather common for businessmen, politicians and other public figures. The term private aircraft includes a wide variety of vehicles of different sizes or characters and used for different purposes, from pleasure to business or security. Of course, in case you are thinking about getting a plane, after deciding what you need it for, you have to think about the piloting options because the person in charge with the aircraft must have a professional certification. If you have already figured this out, then the next thing you could do is making a research on dedicated web pages such as Once you get over all these details, then you will be able to enjoy the comfort and safety of flying in your own plane.


Availability will no longer be your concern

Taking into consideration that you have already established all the legal and technical details, you will be able to fly whenever and almost wherever you want. Once you have bought or rented a plane, you can forget about the struggle of finding the most affordable company which flies on the needed location and also about making reservations and booking the tickets in advance. Whether you need to go on a spontaneous vacation or you have to attend a meeting abroad, all you have to do is make sure the crew is prepared, and you can get on board at any time.


You can reach any destination in no time

In case there is an unexpected event where you have to be present, your aircraft will always be ready to fly. If you feel the rush to take a break and go to a faraway place, then all you have to do is call your pilot and you are ready to go. You will have all the freedom you need, because you can get to any place you can think about in less than a day and see a lot of places that you could not normally reach.


Enjoy the thrill of flying

Even if most of the times, those who use private jets are businessmen or public figures, sometimes those who are passionate about piloting also decide to get their own aircraft. If you are one of those, then you can understand that the passion of flying is very strong. Being able to pilot a plane that is your property is a proof of independence, but also a huge responsibility.


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Why you need a limo when you travel

Mar 27, 15 Why you need a limo when you travel

Many people think that limousines are just for tacky prom nights or lavishing weddings, but the truth is that there is so much more that a limo rental service can offer, not just to residents of a city, but also to travelers. Now, you might wonder why in the world you’d need a limo when you are traveling, when you can simply rent a car or just get a taxi whenever you need. Well, there are several situations where a rented car or a taxi might just not cut it and several reasons for which you should definitely consider renting a limo when you travel to big cities like Toronto for instance. There are many companies that provide limousine service Toronto and you have plenty of options and alternatives to that regard, which makes the process a lot easier, together with the fact that you can now book your rentals online, way ahead of your traveling day.


Getting back to the reasons why you should resort to a limousines service in Toronto, it all comes down to the type and purpose of your trip. If you are traveling to the city on business, then it’s needles to say that you will be better able to impress your partners and maybe land that contract you’ve been chasing for months if you make your appearance in a black, business limo rather than in a mini-rental or a filthy cab. Even if you are paying for the limousine yourself, as mentioned above, there are many companies in the field eager to offer you their services, so prices are not as high as you might think, as all companies are trying to stay competitive in the field. Toronto is a highly exciting city, with many entertainment possibilities, so many individuals choose it as a destination for bachelor parties or birthday events. If that’s the case, then you can easily see why renting a limo is a good idea. What can be more fun that you and your friends touring bars and clubs in a fancy limo, with chilled champagne and no worries what so ever?


All things taken into account, even if you are just traveling to Toronto or any other city for that matter and you want to enjoy your trip at the fullest, then you should seriously consider hiring a limousine service in Toronto. As a business traveler you will get to impress and make an important appearance, while as a leisure traveler, you will get to have fun, relax and enjoy a classy, luxurious ride, without having to worry about driving or getting around or finding a taxi in the middle of the night. In addition, if you do your homework right, you will be able to find a great service at an affordable price, so you don’t have to worry about budget either.

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How to spend a weekend in Toronto

Feb 27, 15 How to spend a weekend in Toronto

Toronto is a great city to live and a fun place to visit, but if you only have the weekend available for a city break, then you might have some trouble fitting all the attraction into three days. Here are some ways that can help you save time and some tips and tricks that will help you decide which local attractions are a must see and which can wait until your next visit. But first, here is an essential piece of advice for those who don’t want to be rushed when travelling in a hurry: book the best Toronto limousine service instead of getting by with public transport. Hopping on and off buses and subways can be a bit hectic, especially in a city as big as Toronto and by the time you arrive at the best museums and landmarks, you might be too tired to enjoy them. However, by travelling by limo, you will be able to enjoy some peace and quiet, have time to look for other attractions and, briefly, to relax.


If there’s one sport that Canada is famous for, that will definitely be hockey, so you should start your trip with the Hockey hall of Fame, a fantastic place with great hockey exhibits and plenty of things to do. You will have the chance to learn more about the history of hockey in Canada and, if you travel with kids, they’ll have fun too! If hockey is not your thing and you’d rather look for cultural attractions, then definitely check out the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). Visiting it won’t take more than one or two hours and not only will you see amazing artworks, but also enjoy the architecture of the majestic building, which was renovated in 2008. Of course, you have to stop by the CN Tower, which is already known as a symbol of the city. You’re brave enough to climb all the way to the top, you’ll definitely love the Toronto skyline. While you’re there, you can have dinner in one of the fancy restaurants and even go shopping. Even though Toronto is mainly a modern city, that doesn’t mean fans of medieval architecture won’t find charming attractions. For example, the Casa Loma is a beautiful building with mysterious underground passages and secret tunnels that will take your breath away.


Every major city has a noteworthy park and for Toronto is the High Park. Here, you can spend several hours looking at the animals, going on hikes and taking at walk inside the greenhouse. This park offers several activities as well, so if you are with children, ask about hiking and baseball. Last, but not least, it would be a pity to leave Toronto without walking its streets and taking in the vibe of the city. Forget about Chinatown and try the picturesque Kensington Market. Its quirky shops and restaurants will give you plenty of things to do and you will also get an idea about the lifestyle of the Toronto community. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see a festival while you’re there!

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