New Year’s Eve – Where and Why

Oct 08, 12 New Year’s Eve – Where and Why

Long are now forgotten the days of summer with breezy outfits and tanning wishes. As the fall is rapidly coming to an end, leaving way to the holiday season, everyone’s attention is drawn to the big event of the winter: New Year’s Eve. Although it may seem a bit premature to make plans for New Year in October, many people have already started to look for destinations and even make reservations, in order to make sure they will enjoy a memorable turning of the years. Furthermore, pristine accommodations and destinations around the globe have already began to attract tourists with grandiose schedules and plans, so, if you want to be at the right place at the right time, stay tuned and find out what are the best places to go to on New Year’s Eve.

If you love the water and believe New Year’s Eve is even more exciting on an island, then you should definitely spend it in the Sydney Harbour, from where you can easily boat out to Cockatoo Island. You can stay there for the whole night, if you book a camping spot in advance. The view of the Harbour from the island is magnificent and the firework flight of fancy is truly one of a kind. For those who are loving the idea of spending New Year’s on a boat, the Sydney Harbour Bridge has front row seats ready, among the many wonderful waterfront restaurants. The show is one of the most splashing firework extravaganza in the world.


As far as accommodation goes, the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney is a Gold List winner for this year, so if you are in for some end of the year pampering, this is definitely the place. Right across the Sydney Harbour and Sydney Harbour Bridge, the hotel also overlooks the Opera House, offering tourists a first class location for a first class event.

If you really want to step outside the box and go exotic on New Year’s Eve, then try and dance under the stars in Goa! Feeling the cold sand under your feet, while hundreds of lights hang in palm trees and everyone around you is wearing hula skirts is pretty unique for a
New Year’s Eve party
. Just because the temperatures don’t go below 20 degrees in Goa, it doesn’t mean that the small state doesn’t know how to appreciate the winter holidays. Goa’s New Year’s Eve parties are legendary and the firework shows are truly unique. For crowded and loud parties, you should hit Anjuna, but if you are more into mellow, quiet celebrations, the southern Palolem is the right pick for you.

While you’re in Goa, there are some excellent accommodation options for you to choose from. The Park Hotel in Candolim beach, near Anjuna, is a great spot, offering many bedrooms, cabanas and a private beach. The rate for double rooms starts at £150 per night.

Nothing says New Year’s Eve better and louder than Rio! If you’re a party goer, then book your flight for Rio de Janeiro right now and enjoy New Year’s in the middle of summer, with street and beach parties and, of course, one of the greatest fireworks display. Of course, if you’re spending New Year in Rio, you ought to go right in the middle of the action, which is the Copacabana beach. Here, the show starts at 8 o’clock in the evening and it seems like it never ends. Get ready for live music, a perfect balance of rock bands and the iconic samba, increasing people’s thrill and excitement. Traditionally, all people wear white for New Year’s Eve in Rio, as it is believed to bring you luck for the year to come, and tourists are more than happy to embrace the tradition.


For a sumptuous stay, the Copacabana Palace hotel is a great choice, which is also quite famous for its New Year’s Eve dinner and New Year’s Eve indoors party. It is a very elegant hotel, right across from Copacabana Beach, the most famous stretch of sand in Rio. However, you should expect rates to match, the dinner starting at £560 per person and the party at £700.

Some people are not very into the whole New Year on the beach concept and for them the parties go wild in Amsterdam. The best place to witness the firework extravaganza and the craze of the city is the Oosterdok 2, which is the rooftop of the Nemo museum. This is not usually opened to public, but on New Year’s Eve you have a unique opportunity to view the city and be part of the magic from way up high. If you want to be down with the action and get lost through hundreds of people and the night’s hysteria, there are several squares that will dazzle you with the thrill of the event, the Dam Square party, the Rembrandtplein square, the Museumplein or the Nieuwmarkt. You can stay at The Exchange Hotel, located in the cultural center, The Lloyd, which will provide you with right mix of Amsterdam’s nuances.


You can go watery with New Year’s Eve in Sydney, exotic in Goa, eccentric in Rio or party animal in Amsterdam, but you can’t go wrong with a New Year’s Eve in London. You will have so many wonderful experiences and places to choose from that one night will never seem enough. And it won’t be! Along the Thames Pier,
the fireworks havoc will absolutely mesmerize you, while the fancy dress bar and club parties will fiercely compete for the title of the most untamed. Thames Pier is generally one of the most beautiful places to visit in London but on New Year’s Eve it becomes particularly charming. The bars are not the only ones putting on a show for New Year, as the London hotels are already attracting party goers with specially designed cocktails and New Year’s Eve menus to die for. The Ritz lives up to its prestige with black-tie dinner, marching band and live dancing and music, as well as its own firework spectacle, while the Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park hotel allures people with ox tongue, turkey oyster and white truffle. If you are interested in spending a fun and luxurious New Year’s Eve, London is your ideal destination. On this special night all the usual places to visit in London step up their game in order for you to spend an unforgettable night.


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The long awaited Seoul holiday

Oct 02, 12 The long awaited Seoul holiday

Seoul is the capital and the largest metropolis of South Korea, a versatile and full of surprises city that offers memorable experiences, especially if you are passionate about art, culture and fashion. This is a world in itself and for good reason people call it “ the miracle of Han”. Even though it is a city of towering skyscrapers and sleek freeways, of glamorous cafes, world-class restaurants, great fashion and entertainment, it still preserves a hidden treasure-trove of ancient palaces, a tremendous number of museums and old buildings that make a powerful statement about the old residential districts and allow visitors to experience the traditional Korean culture.

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Go extreme traveling to Antarctica

Oct 02, 12 Go extreme  traveling to Antarctica

Travel enthusiasts are constantly looking for new places to explore and discover: the cultural European treat, the mysterious Africa, the exciting Americas, exotic Asia or thrilling Australia. But how many can say that they have been to the seventh continent, Antarctica? Not many, for sure. It takes a dedicated traveler to visit this mesmerizing place, full of untouched wonders and surprising beauty. The extreme tourist attraction is different from everything you have ever experienced and it will surpass all of your expectations. After you come back, few things will equal the memorable charm of Antarctica. If you have the chance to set foot in this marvelous land, there is a lot of adventure waiting for you. But you have to be prepared, however, because the white continent has its unique rules.

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Affordable Mediterranean vacations in Greece

Having a tough challenge enduring the hot summer season? Why don’t you go for a ride and travel around the world to chill a bit? Everyone needs a vacation here and then. And if low budget is your problem, then here’s the best option to pay a visit to Greece. A beautiful Mediterranean country, with lots to offer, has really cheap offers for those interested in exploring a beautiful natural environment. Some people are sea lovers, while other prefer the mountain. However, there are dreamers hoping to have both of these, to complete their paradise vacation. In Kamena Vourla, you get to watch a beautiful sunset in the sea and follow its trajectory to the other window, until it hides through the mountains. And the best part of all that is the weather. The cooling breeze of the mountains perfectly fits into the sea frame, thus you can enjoy a relaxing vacation priding to have visited both the mountains and the sea.

There’s always been cheap enough to visit the south part of Europe. But now, thanks to the economical crisis which stroke Greece, prices are almost nothing and you could say you’ve had a free vacation. The gorgeous boutiques filled with chocolate of all kinds, delicious jelly, tasty jam and baklava await for you while walking along the sea shore. Apart from that, Greeks have their special restaurants in the opened air, with impeccable service. Due to the high temperatures and the fact that it never rains in summer seasons, you can enjoy a beautiful view towards the sky, while trying the fish delights. Still referring to food specialties, you must try the amazing gyros. The perfect combination of meat, cabbage, tomatoes, special sauces, all wrapped in one delicious pita bread is absolutely mouth watering.


Apart from foods and restaurants, in Greece you’ll find fishing the most pleasant activity. Rent a boat and head out on the clear light blue sea so catch some fresh fish for dinner. Each block of apartments has a special architecture. More like a house, with only a few apartments, they all have wide decks, or patios and instead or a roof, you’ll encounter a wide platform where sometimes there’s a pool, or a grill with tables and chairs to relax in the open air. Another attractive view in Greece, is the gardens seen on each house or block. Everything is green and filled with orange and lemon trees, grapes. Not to mention the long fields with olive cultivation. You’ll taste the most delicious olive salad in there, because that’s where they originally come from.


If you’re eager to find more and to do other things than laying on the beach or wondering through the mountains, feel free to visit Athens. You can discover the ancient history and see the mesmerizing ruins. Besides, the isles are so close you’ll get there in almost five minutes in a boat. There’s plenty to discover in Greece. The people, the food, the places, the music. Everything is a puzzle piece to form your own paradise vacation. And you can have all that at really affordable prices, starting from 150 euros for 7 days.

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The best kept secret of the North

Sep 11, 12 The best kept secret of the North

When people are considering vacation destination, most of them turn their attention to ocean shores during the summer and snowy mountain peaks during the winter season. Spain or Portugal or even the south of France are among the top choices, although the luckiest ones fly off to the Caribbeans or the Grand Canaries, while for the cold season Switzerland and Canada are becoming more and more popular. As far as cultural destinations go, people are still hung up on the traditional Paris, London, Rome or Vienna. You don’t hear a lot of people talking about preparing a vacation to the Baltic Countries, which is such a shame, as the three former Russian states, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, make an amazing destination from all points of view. Having preserved their medieval cities well, the three states are a cultural oasis, teaching tourists great lessons on civilization, education, sophistication and erudite progress.

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Top 3 destinations for this fall

Sep 10, 12 Top 3 destinations for this fall

If you are wondering what’s hot and happening this fall in the travels department and you are tired of the same old, boring packages offered by travel agencies, such as Europe in the Fall – Paris and London, then we’ve got the fix for you! Check out three unique and incredible destinations that are perfect for this season and completely different from any other autumn traveling experience you may have had.

1. Switzerland – Lavaux Vineyard Terraces

The canton of Vaud in the district of Lavaux has a wonderful history, dating from Rome times and having evidence of vine terraces from the period of Benedictine monasteries, in the 11th century. The stretch of vineyards along Lake Geneva is 30 km of serene beauty, unique Mediterranean hills bathed in sunny glows. Anywhere you stop between Lausanne and Chateau de Chillon, you can enjoy the amazing view of the Lake Geneva and the purview of vines spread disorderly across the green and golden hills. The vineyards are protected by law, being an world heritage site, so they keep the historical ambiance and the air and feel of authenticity of a place not yet touched by industrial development.

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