Tips for choosing a Lake District holiday cottage

Dec 22, 15 Tips for choosing a Lake District holiday cottage

The interest for smaller homes is not aby any means new. On the contrary, it seems that more and people prefer living in small houses that have all the facilities of a hotel. Even if there is less space, they are somewhat cheaper than staying in a five star hotel. The reason why cottages are preferred to the best hotels in Lake District is that they offer a higher degree of privacy. While it is true that nothing can be compared to the comfort offered by a hotel room, cottages make perfect retreats for those interested in spending quality time with either their friends or their families. At present, most of the cottages of Lake District are equipped with everything you may need like television and other modern amenities. The architecture and the view are just an added bonus. If you too want to enjoy a wonderful stay, then use this guideline and find the perfect gateway.


Narrow down your search

The truth is that Lake District is full of self-catering properties, meaning that the number of houses can rise to a couple of hundreds. For this reason, it is advisable to reduce the number to just a dozen of lodgings. This task is far from being easy owing to the fact that there will be many that will appeal to you in terms of appearance and facilities offered. Fortunately, there are websites that supply information about the most popular choices and that generally help you with your decision. After consulting the Internet, you can make a list of just a few cottages. The only thing to pay attention to is to make sure that even the most secluded stone cottage offers all the facilities a hotel would. If not, you should go onto the next choice.

Pick your destination

As you may probably know, Lake District is home to many villages and towns. The location that you opt for is very important because not all areas offer you the possibility to engage in specific rural activities, like horseback riding or vintage fairs. On the other hand, the activities can even be more demanding. Both the north and the south part of the district offer so much for visitors. For instance, you can participate vintage sports car gatherings or horse trials. Regardless of your preferences, picking a specific location will make the task of choosing a cottage for accommodation a lot easier. Since there are many picturesque areas, you have the chance to explore a variety of locations, especially if you rent the cottage for a whole weekend.

Compare the prices

If you do manage to find the perfect gateway, with or without the help of the Internet, it is of paramount importance to make sure that the establishment is tailored to your budget. It is needless to say that if you want something similar to what a hotel can offer you, then you will be required to spend a little more. The good news is that as there are numerous websites providing you rankings of the best hotels, there are many online pages that allow you to compare multiple prices and find the best deal.

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Insider travel tips for perfect Puerto Plata holidays

Aug 10, 15 Insider travel tips for perfect Puerto Plata holidays

Puerto Plata is one of the most popular Dominican Republic destinations because of its stunning scenery and countless activities that you can do. This is an excellent honeymoon destination but also a great choice for those who are travelling with their families. To this extent, before arriving in this wonderful location and taking part in those amazing Puerto Plata tours, here are a few travelling tips that will come in handy when you get there:


Travelling with pets

If you have decided to take your pets with you, you should know that the Department of Animal Health requires the following documentation to allow you to enter the country with your furry friends:

  • A health certificate that has been issued no more than 15 days before the arrival
  • Triple vaccine, anti-rabies vaccine and parvo-virus vaccine certificates that show inoculations 15 days before arrival.

These documents are requested for cats and dogs.


What to wear?

This is often a question that many tourists ask. Make sure you pack comfortable clothes, as Puerto Plata is very casual. Don’t forget your hat because you need it to protect you from the tropical sun. Of course, nice restaurants do request a semiformal attire, so pack an elegant dress and a nice collared shirt as well. If you plan on taking one of the Puerto Plata tours to the mountains, you should also take with you a sweater and a jacket.


Tipping etiquette

If your hotel has not already accounted for all the gratuities, the hotel employees will expect a tip, depending on the value of their service. Usually it’s 1 or 2 dollars per bag and the same when asking the valet for a car. Room service is 15% unless it has gratuity included.


Learn a little Spanish

Whenever you are travelling to a foreign country, it is always recommended to learn the basic names for words such as food, water, restroom, hello, thank you and so on. Not only will you be able to understand the locals better, but you will also enjoy the culture more and have a better overall experience. It is amazing how much learning small words and phrases can help you during your stay, so take a little time to read a guidebook in the airplane, on your way to Puerto Plata.


Immerse yourself in the culture

During your stay, make sure you walk the streets among the locals and experience the local culture as it is. Choose one morning to walk the streets of the city and see how businesses open up and locals prepare for a busy day. It will put you in sync with the local vibe of the city and make you enjoy your stay even more.


To conclude, if you want to make the most out of your trip to Puerto Plata, following these tips will certainly help you have a lovely time and be grateful for having taken the time to do the necessary arrangements before coming to this destination. The details are the ones that can make or break an entire holiday, so always make sure you have everything under control.

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Route 66 – the best of USA road trips

Oct 04, 14 Route 66 – the best of USA road trips

The United States of America are a destination that many tourists dream of. Apart from the stunning metropolitan cities that have so much to offer to the eye, such as New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia or San Francisco, and the great beach destinations, such as Miami, LA or Hawaii, the US is famous for its road trips opportunities. Due to the fact that the country is so stretched from the East Coast to the West Coast, USA road trips throughout the country are incredible adventures that allow travellers to view stunning sights and explore impressive cities.  Of all the itineraries you can choose for a road trip in the US, Route 66, also known as the Mother Road, is the best choice. It is one of the oldest highways in the States, being part of the original highway system developed in US in the 1920s, and it offers great sights, an exciting adventure and bustling cities to explore along the way.


Route 66, the mother of USA road trips, starts in Chicago, Illinois and takes you all the way to Los Angeles, California. Of course, before getting behind the wheel, it would be a great idea to take a couple of days and explore the windy city. There is plenty to see and do in Chicago, before driving along the Main Street of America. After you leave Chicago, make sure you stop in Springfield, Illinois, the hometown of Abraham Lincoln and check the several museums that remember him. Also, it would be fun to stop at the Route 66 Drive-In Theatre and catch a movie, along with a taste of 1950s America. Springfield is followed by St Louis, Missouri, where you can see the impressive Gateway Arch, the artistic Citygarden, the Butterfly House and lively shows, as St Louis is known for its rich community of performing arts. Next stop should be Springfield, Missouri, the place where Route 66 got its name in 1926. You can visit the Fantastic Caverns and taste the delicious dishes of the local restaurants. If you would like to experience a bit of the cowboys’ life, then be sure to stop in Oklahoma City and if you are a fan of antique shops and cafes, then don’t pass through Amarillo, in Texas. Here, you can also stop and graffiti paint buried Cadillac cars.


As you can see, it’s not for nothing that Route 66 is considered the best of USA road trips and we are merely half way through the itinerary. If you are one of the many, many fans of Breaking Bad, then you will surely want to stop in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where you can take a bus tour of the filming locations. As you pass through Arizona, you will drive along the Navajo Indian county, which gives you the chance to explore the great Indian heritage, before stopping at the breath taking Grand Canyon. Take a walk around the rim or even the helicopter tour, as it’s all worth it. It’s more than obvious that after the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas is next and you don’t need to be told what you can see or do in Vegas, that’s for sure. Route 66 ends in the sunshine city of Los Angeles, the home of celebrities, Beverly Hills and Hollywood. As you pull up your car, you will certainly get the feeling that you’ve taken the best drive of your life.

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Pack smartly for a perfect vacation

Aug 26, 14 Pack smartly for a perfect vacation

Women always have a hard time packing for their vacations, because the space limit is simply too unfair to fit all the shoes and dresses that you absolutely need to take to complete a perfect vacation. Having to pick between the pink dress and the lilac dress would not only take an eternity, but it will also be a stressful business. Women will always pack more clothes than they can wear, because you never know when a special event might appear and you will need to be prepared for the occasion and have an elegant night dress with you, not to mention that with certain outfits, you can only wear certain pairs of shoes and accessories. Packing the luggage for a vacation is an endless battle, so the first rule is to take your time. Packing smartly involves taking things with you that will serve multiple purposes. For instance, by using a sash ribbon as an accessory to recreate various looks you will be fashionable even without having to take the entire wardrobe after you. Another example is to take that pair of shoes and handbag that fit more than one outfit.


If you wait until the last moment, you will have to make hasty decisions and take the wrong things with you. There are certain simple tricks that can help you be fashionable during your entire vacation without you having to fill up your luggage to the point of refuse. For instance, pick accessories over more clothes and change your look swiftly by adding a sash ribbon to your beach dress to transform it into a perfect outfit for a night out. If you do not wish to wear the same thing twice during your trip, the answer is simple: transform it into something different. By attaching a sash ribbon to your clothes, the look and the entire feeling of it will change dramatically making you seem like having not one, but two suitcases after you.


If you spill the content of a luggage, you will notice that the things that occupy the most space are your clothes. Even though you will probably take only light summer clothing, if you take half the dresser with you, space will become a serious problem. This is why you should organize your clothes depending on the number of days you plan on staying. Doing your laundry on the road is probably the best solution, if the trip is going to last a couple of weeks or months. It might seem unacceptable to wear the same thing over and over again during our precious vacation when we have to look our best, but you can easily avoid this problem by adding a bit style and personality to your clothes. Ribbons and especially sash ribbons can make wonders in this case. The same dress or blouse you wore on the beach can easily become the perfect choice for a romantic evening out by transforming them in baby-doll clothing with a delicate ribbon sash. A ribbon sash will not take that much room in your luggage and can be utilized multiple times for a series of applications. The same ribbon you used to tie your waist can be used the next day to tie up your hair.

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3 unexpected things to do in the UK

Jul 10, 14 3 unexpected things to do in the UK

Are you a fan of travelling abroad? Do you like to visit the popular and tourist filled destinations of the world but in a different and exciting manner? Regardless if you are an adventurous person by nature or you are simply tired of going to the same touristic spots as everyone else, there is a solution which you will certainly enjoy. This involves getting to know the less famous or more secluded and definitely amazing locations found in a country as well as enjoying them to the maximum. If planning a trip to the UK in the near future, here are some pointers and main tips to follow if you want to have a truly unforgettable holiday for all the members of the family or friends joining you on the adventure. It all starts with planning a couple of things to do outside the popular tourist itineraries. Here is our selection of three most unusual and amusing things to do in Great Britain, other than the average circuits which include London’s main attractions and other important focus points in the island.


One of the most amazing activities visitors expect to do in the gloomy UK is go sunbathing at the beach. Believe it or not, United Kingdom has some of the world most renowned beaches and hold key position in many charts of Europe’s best sandy beaches or most amazing views of the shoreline. A great example in this case is St. Ives in England with its golden shore and wide, fine sand beach which will appeal to even the pretentious summer lovers. Forget about travelling to tropical islands for a taste of the golden sands and breathtaking views and start looking towards some of England’s seaside destinations or other stunning beaches such as Tenby Harbour in Wales.


The second unexpected thing to do when travelling through the UK is to make a visit to one of the factories located there. Have you ever wanted to buy printed ribbons in the UK, but did not know where they were made? Britain is famous for its industrial and manufactory boost a long time ago and this tradition of having the best quality of goods is still present until this day. You will be amazed to see the large diversity of beautiful birthday or wedding ribbons sold here, as well as the unique bespoke solutions brought by the professional companies in the field of retail or wholesale ribbons. For a glimpse of this variety, take a look at one of the official websites of the specialized companies.


Last, but not least, why not take the little ones or even your partner on a journey will leave them all amazed and surprised. There is nothing more fun or inspiring than to see the childhood games and images brought to real life and this is exactly what most tourists feel when they visit the Hampton Court castle and its famous maze. Ranked as the most popular large scale hedge maze in the world, the Hampton Court maze stretches for a third of an acre and has over half a mile of intertwining paths for you to get lost in.

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Corfu – an island of endless beauty

Oct 21, 13 Corfu – an island of endless beauty

Greece is a destination for nature lovers, for those who enjoy the gentle breeze of an amazingly blue sea, for those longing for a peaceful time under a shade-giving pine tree. Greece is synonymous with breathtaking scenery, unspoiled countryside, hospitality and generosity and in general is an ideal retreat when in search of escaping the mundane tumultuous life.

Its mainland is impressive, but if you’re really looking for a life-changing experience, then a trip to some of the most fascinating islands Elada has to offer is a must. Greece enjoys uncountable beautiful islands, depending on their geographical location, and one of these no longer hidden paradises is Corfu. This island, with a total area of 592 square kilometers and a coastline of 216 kilometers, is the second largest Ionian island, next to Kefalonia, and is regarded as one of the greenest places in the region, boasting of lush vegetation that attracts thousands of visitors each year. Of course, this mountainous, of natural beauty island is known worldwide for its amazing landscapes and beaches, many of them considered unique due to their marvelous location. But Corfu is fascinating not only through its natural, God-given beauty, but also through its history marked by Venetian influence, its architecture, through its traditional, tucked away from modernity villages.

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