Checklist for your next Nozawa Onsen trip

Jul 15, 16 Checklist for your next Nozawa Onsen trip

If you have not planned yet your next holiday, you should definitely consider Japan or more exactly Nozawa Onsen. It is commonly known that Japan is a resourceful country that provides not only outstanding sceneries and landscapes, but also fun activities to do and other tourist attractions that should definitely be included in the itinerary. Planning a trip to Japan is not as difficult as it seems at first look, especially if you start with a checklist and add on it things such as accommodation in Nozawa Onsen, and the best tourist attractions.

Selecting the right accommodation

One of the first things you have to handle if you have decided to plan your next trip to Japan is to look for proper accommodation and what other better place to seek for an apartment for rent if not the internet. Do some detailed research online on the numerous online platforms that provide rental services in this region, since there is a wide variety of such websites. Use the search filters available on these websites, such as the price, the exact date, or whether you prefer an apartment closer to a specific tourist attraction or not, and select the accommodation that best suits your needs and budget. It is important to know that you can find apartments for rent in Nozawa Onsen that can fit any budget, so you do not have to worry about this aspect.

Most popular tourist attractions

Before going to this part of Japan, you should inform well regarding the most popular and beautiful tourist attractions that under no circumstances should they miss from your list. One of the things that should be included in your itinerary is seeing the famous Japan snow moneys in their natural habitat, so make sure you ask locals about these monkeys as soon as you arrive there. Another place that should not be missed are the Soto-Yu locations, which in Japanese means “public hot spring baths” and one of the bathhouses that has made this region quite popular is O-Yu. The Fire Festival is another reason why you should not miss Nozawa Onsen. The festival usually takes place in winter and is the biggest event that happens in the region over the year, not to mention that the combination of snow and fire is the one that attracts so many visitors every year. In the winter, you can also benefit from some of the most amazing and well-maintained ski resorts in the country as well.

What to consider before going

After you have found the right accommodation for you, there are other things you should take into account before actually going to Japan. Make sure all your documents, such as your ID card and passport are still available in order to avoid any unpleasant situations from happening. As soon as you arrive there, you should not get nervous if you see people on the street wearing surgical masks, since this does not mean there are diseases going around. The reasons why they may wear those masks is that they want to avoid catching a cold or want to protect others from catching a cold.


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Why is Split, Croatia, an amazing choice for your holiday?

May 24, 16 Why is Split, Croatia, an amazing choice for your holiday?

Thinking about visiting an unusual yet beautiful place on your next holiday? Then you should definitely try Split, Croatia. Situated on the Dalmatian coast of the country, this destination has gained more and more popularity in the past years since it provides its visitors with amazing natural landscapes and plenty of leisure activities. He crystalline blue waters and the breathtaking land forms are perfect for those who love a lazy afternoon on the beach, but also thrilling hikes and water sports. The second largest city of the country, Split is well known for its fortress like atmosphere and its position near the Adriatic Sea. As a matter of fact, this hidden treasure of Dalmatia has something to offer to anyone who comes to spend some time here. So, whether you are a fan of chill activities or entertaining itineraries, this destination is perfect for you.


Taste the genuineness of the area

Being the largest city of Dalmatia, Split is probably the most representative one for this area. Centered on the Roman Palace of the Emperor Diocletian, the entire establishment has a picturesque atmosphere, keeping part of its ancient charm. So, if you have been dreaming about experiencing Dalmatian life exactly as it is lived by the locals, you will be fascinated as soon as you put your feet in this city. People are extremely welcoming and friendly to tourists, and hey will be happy to help you with directions and even information you could not find out otherwise. Always extremely vivid and buzzing, the exuberant Split will make you think you are in a fairy tale landscape that has been brought to life. Needless to say, the balance between modernity and tradition is perfect. You can visit Diocletian’s Palace, an impressive Roman monument and famous Unesco World Heritage site, and admire old walls where Dalmatian life has been going on for ages.


Experience the relief and water activities

Besides the incredible culture display and authentic ancient atmosphere, what is actually incredible in Split is the multitude of activities you can choose from. Those who are passionate about water sports and activities will find the city the ideal destination for their holidays. Rent a boat charter Trogir and sail away on the azure waters that will take your breath away. The dramatic coastal mountains are quite a sight to see from offshore, so do not miss them under any circumstances.


Enjoy great facilities

Whether you choose to stay in a luxurious hotels (yes, there are plenty of these in Split), a bed & breakfast establishment or at a local’s house, Split offers tourists great facilities. The combination between modernity and traditionalism is actually perfect. While you can wander around on ancient streets all day long, during the night you can come back to your comfortable completely equipped hotel room, or enjoy a sophisticated restaurant on the beach. There are multiple bars, cafes, shopping centers and stores that you can visit, not to mention the spas and other relaxation spots. The city is alive at any time, awaiting its tourists!


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Spend your holiday in an exquisite way

Dec 22, 15 Spend your holiday in an exquisite way

If you want to have an exquisite holiday then you should choose Algarve, which is a touristic area in the southern region of Portugal, where tourists keep returning every year. There are many reasons for which people are coming here, but the most important is represented by the landscape. If you want to spend your holiday in a place where golden beaches combine with scalloped bays and breath-taking cliffs, then Algarve is the right choice. You will definitely spend the best time of your life there, because you can do many types of activities, you can surf, dive, have fun with your friends in the beach bars and discos, visit castles or build them from sand. In addition, to be sure that you have an amazing experience you should rent one of the Algarve villas with pools.

Why staying in a villa in Algarve

When you decide to spend your holiday in such a wonderful place, the biggest factor that will influence the quality of it is the accommodation. Villas are the perfect place where you can stay if you plan to have a longer holiday with your friends. It will offer you privacy, and you will not have to deal with crowds of tourists. These villas are newly built and they have air conditioning in all seasons. Depending on the area where you plan to spend your holiday, you can choose a villa that is located on the beach, in the city or in the countryside. Villas are a great choice for groups, because you can enjoy of peaceful moments in a space where no one can disturb you. Villas are stress-free alternatives to hotels, and will also help you save money, time and hassle. You can choose one of the villas that has its private pool, parking and appliances, if you want to stay there the whole summer. Moreover, if you do not want to worry about cleaning, you should rent one that is completely furnished. Villas are a great choice for you if you like cooking because many ones have fully equipped kitchens, which hotels lack.

What can you do in your Algarve holiday

If you are for the first time in Algarve, you will definitely spend the first days of your holiday taking sunbaths on the beautiful beaches. However, if you choose to stay little time on the beach, and visit the touristic attractions of the area, then you can choose the historical destinations of Castelo and Cidade Velha. These are the perfect places to share you some of the hidden secrets of the history of Portugal. You will have an amazing experience if you visit Cabo De Sᾶo or Fortaleza de Sagres, because these places offer breath-taking views at both sunrise and sunset. If you are interested in seeing the caves of Ponta da Piedade you have the opportunity to canoe around them. You also have the possibility of cruising along Algarve coastline, and if you choose the customised option you can visit the grottos, stop for a swim or relax on the deck.

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Things to do in Del Mar

Dec 03, 15 Things to do in Del Mar


The Village of Del Mar, California is a charming destination edged by two miles of Pacific coastline and renowned for its stunning views. This laid-back and charming seaside hideaway is located twenty minutes north of San Diego and it is loved for its wonderful beaches and historic village, as well as exciting attractions and activities such as the legendary racetrack and Birch Aquarium. There are plenty of attractions and things to do in Del Mar, so a trip to this destination will be worth the money. You can visit the village shops, beautiful beaches, galleries or restaurants during your trip, but you can also engage in more exciting activities and go surfing or explore the Torrey Pines State Reserve. Here are Del Mar’s most popular attractions:


Visiting the Village of Del Mar


This unique and quiet village should be enjoyed on foot. A truly relaxing oasis, the Village of Del Mar has a historic downtown dating back to the 1880s. You will find unique shops and art galleries, restaurants and cafes, parks and markets, because most of them are overlooking the ocean and have sidewalk seating, allowing you to take in the beautiful scenery while eating and shopping. The village is a hidden gem for tourists that like to visit historic sites and uncover the mysteries of an old town. What is more, strolling down the peaceful streets will give you a wonderful feeling of serenity and help you unwind. You will also love the Del Mar Farmer’s Market. It is a lively place where you will find international cuisine, art and products from around the world in one place. The market is also a place where locals organize family events and bring out the freshest local products such as seafood, meat, honey, vegetables and flowers.


Del Mar racetrack – an exciting trip


The live thoroughbred racing at the Del Mar racetrack is truly exciting. Experience the thrill of watching and participating at high-stakes racing events to make things more fun. If you visit Del Mar during the summer, you might be lucky to see the Summer Concert Series and many other exciting events such as the Gourmet Food Truck Festival, which are hosted here. The Del Mar thoroughbred racetrack is famous for its events and well-organized races that will surely be worth the trip.


Unwind on beautiful white beaches


Del Mar is also famous for its white beaches. You have two miles of sand, sun, water and happiness at your disposal to relax and get all the stress accumulated throughout the year out of your system. The seaside here is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, surfing and snorkeling, not to mention that the Pacific waves are a sight you will not forget. You can choose to explore the beach or the waters, because this region has plenty of sea life you can admire, including sea lions, whales and maritime birds. You can also go fishing and kayaking, not to mention that the Crest Canyon also hides some interesting hiking trails.


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How to make your holiday in Cozumel truly unique

Oct 24, 15 How to make your holiday in Cozumel truly unique

A lot of people, when planning their vacations in the Caribbean Sea, choose very iconic locations, such as Barbados or Belize, even Antigua and Barbuda. However, if you want a holiday a bit out of the ordinary, then you should really consider Cozumel, a small island pertaining to Mexico, which has plenty to offer both in terms of heritage and in terms of fun and excitement. The island is particularly attractive to passionate divers, as it has amazing locations for scuba divers, but it also great opportunities for Cozumel excursions to explore the area. Due to these facts, the island has known quite a development over the years and now it’s an important touristic hub for Mexico. As more and more travellers chose the island as their holiday destination, more and more agencies and tour operators began developing packages for tourists and more hotels and resorts were founded. But if you want a truly unique holiday, you might want to stay off the beaten track.


Stay with locals

The thought of a spacious, luxurious hotel room with all the amenities you could dream of and the possibility of breakfast in bed may all sound amazing, but you do that every vacation, don’t you? Why not try something different, like renting a local’s house or even staying with locals, to get a better sense of the life on the island and the local colour. It’s a great way to learn more about the history of the places you see and maybe find out less known facts or even stories that regular hotel receptionists won’t be able to tell you. In addition, this type of accommodation will be a lot cheaper than a hotel, which means extra money for you to explore the island.


Book Cozumel excursions or tours

Exploring the island on your own, at your own pace, is a great idea and it will help you relax and enjoy the beauty of the place, but there is much to be said about the organised Cozumel excursions, as they will take you to all the right places and allow you to enjoy activities you might never think of, such as Jeep tours or ATV tours along the island. Some tours even include swimming with the dolphins or dinner cruises, which can be very fun and truly unique experiences. All these will definitely make your holiday very different than the rest of the vacations you had, where your main activities were sunbathing and cocktail drinking.




Even if you’re not a passionate diver, even if you’ve never done scuba diving before, if you’re in Cozumel, be sure to do it. You’ve got the Arrecifes de Cozumel National Park and the Museo Subacuático de Arte’s, both of which are unique places to explore, not to mention the underwater caverns and the breath taking lagoons.

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A journey of food: the best way to travel

Oct 22, 15 A journey of food: the best way to travel

Traveling is a marvellous experience, one that certainly leaves no room for interpretations. People in general seem to be fond of traveling, of visiting new and exciting countries, different cultures, traditions and customs. There are plenty of journeys one can have. Some might choose a journey filled with entertainment, while others might be on the lookout for culture. However, in all cases, food is a constant in all travels. In fact, a culinary journey might just be the best way to travel, if you are truly interested in getting to know a location. So, here is a suggestion. Why not familiarize yourself with Guernsey by means of exquisite culinary delights?


Enjoying seafood in Guernsey

This is one location that is simply defined through seafood. In fact, there is a long line of traditional recipes that come to prove it, not to mention the impressively large number of seafood restaurant Guernsey options travellers have. Crab, mussels or lobster delights are waiting for travellers. When tasting the dishes, it will almost seems like you are taking a journey in time, overlooking the fascinating history of this place, the numerous pirate visits that were customary to this location. Indeed, as soon as you set foot here, you need to start your search for the perfect seafood restaurant, one that is known for its culinary delights.


The delicious dairy products


Apart from the tasty seafood that you definitely have to try, the next step in your journey is an adventure in the local world of dairy products. Of course, the goat chees is a signature dish for this location, as the entire world has heard of its aroma and texture.  In the end, its position on the map, its closeness to Normandy, must have left certain signs. Delicious dairy products are pieces of evidence that support this idea. Enjoy a slice of freshly baked bread with goat cheese. Try it in the morning at coffee or in the afternoon for tea. Either way, it will be absolutely delicious.


British culinary delights

As mentioned, Guernsey is known for its light seafood, but from time to time, people living here like something a bit more nourishing. This is when British cuisine steps in to do the work. In the restaurants you will be frequenting, you will most likely discover the bean jar. This is made after a traditional recipe, that very much resembles the well-known English, haricot bean stew. There are no winter, snowy days on the coast, but there can be windy ones. Imagine eating a bean jar in such a day.


No matter how simple all might seem, it is true. Some of the most successful trips are those that rely on food. While you are eating, enjoying a meal, you will see the people living here, understand their ways and traditions. You could even start up conversations with them. Sometimes, exploring a journey of food might be more thrilling and evocative than standing in line to get a closer look at several cultural artefacts.

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