Buying traveling gifts – pleasure or work

Oct 01, 14 Buying traveling gifts – pleasure or work

It is a known fact that when we travel we have to buy gifts for the ones we love, waiting for us back home. Family members, friends, co-workers, they all expect a token of our trip, something to let them know that we thought about them while we were away. Matrioshka dolls from Russia, miniature Eiffel Towers from France, Jewish art from Israel…every country seems to have its specific gifts and it would be a pity not to take them home with you, especially if they are intended for someone you truly care about. For some people, buying gifts while traveling is a real pleasure, while for others is quite an ordeal, never knowing what to get and always ending up buying everything from the airport, from the duty free shops. However, the key to buying traveling gifts with ease is not always finding the perfect thing for every person, especially if there are a lot of them, but sending the right message through that gift. For instance, if you travel to the UK and you are overwhelmed with the myriad of fridge magnets, key chains, T-shirts and other thousands of trinkets that souvenir shops offer, you don’t need to alarm yourself. Buy anything that has to do with London or UK in general and then personalize the gift by using distinctive wrapping. You can buy printed ribbons in the UK and use them to wrap all your gifts, which will make them custom even if there is the same item inside.


This may sound a little rude or unkind, to buy your friends or your colleagues the same souvenirs and only wrap them differently, but when you have 20 people or more on your list, spending time and energy to find something particular for each and every one of them may cost you your entire vacation. After all, it is the thought that matters and the fact that you took the time to find and buy printed ribbons in the UK or anywhere else you may travel so that you can wrap their gifts and personalize them to a certain extent should weigh significantly. Most people wait until the last few days of their vacation to buy the souvenirs, but that is not necessarily a good idea and that is probably why many of them end up doing the shopping in duty free stores within the airport. If you take care of the souvenir shopping in your first couple of days, then you can put that issue to rest and enjoy your vacation without worrying about the people back home.


Buying traveling gifts may not be a pleasure for you, but it shouldn’t resemble work either and you shouldn’t spend too much time or energy thinking about it or waste your vacation through shops and retail stores, not knowing what to buy next and for whom. If you are looking for the perfect item for someone you care about, then we advise you to avoid souvenir shops, because they can be quite generic. Instead, try looking for something unique that stands out, such as beautiful and inspiring Jewish art prints. It’s good to pay special attention to what you buy for your loved one or for your best friend, but if your list includes a dozen co-workers and acquaintances, then hit the souvenir shops and buy everything at once, as you can add a little personal touch through the wrapping as mentioned above. Whether you buy oriented ribbons in the UK, personalized gift boxes in Paris or customized gift labels in Italy, all takes is this type of small gesture to make everyone happy and still enjoy your vacation from start to finish.