Buying souvenirs from vacations

Oct 30, 14 Buying souvenirs from vacations

It is a known fact that when people are leaving for their vacations, their friends and family members expect to get souvenirs on their return. We’ve all been there, taking stores and local boutiques by storm trying to find the right gift for every single person back home. In fact, this process has taken such amplitude that it has become more of a burden than a pleasure. But if you know where to look and what to look for, as well as some tips and trick about vacation souvenirs, then you can take care of this issue quickly and spend your holiday stress free, which is the whole purpose of a vacation in the first place. For instance, you should know that packaging is worth a hundred gifts when it comes to souvenirs and if you pay attention to how you wrap the souvenirs, you can impress your recipients even before they open the gift. This is very easy, as you can find cheap ribbons at various stores, regardless of what your holiday destination is.


It’s true what they say, that you shouldn’t judge a book by its covers, but when it comes to souvenirs, it is always wise to pay attention to the wrapping process. A nicely wrapped souvenir has the power of showing the recipient that you put some thought into that gift, regardless of what’s inside. It is a gracious touch that won’t cost you too much, as you can achieve a beautiful wrap even with plain paper and cheap ribbons. For a dash of customisation, you can choose the ribbons in the favourite colours of the recipients, which will surely knock them off their feet before even tearing the paper. In addition, if you do this type of customisation with the wrapping of the gift, you won’t have to spend too much time thinking what to get each and every person back home, in the sense of getting personalised gifts. You can simply buy local souvenirs that wear the specific mark of the country or region your are visiting, which you can get from local boutiques and which are not very expensive and then simply wrap them nicely.


A good and custom gift wrap can also help you in the event you forget buying presents for one or more persons and you see yourself in the position of buying something from the duty free shop. Whatever you do, stay away from duty free shop bags, as they really send the wrong message. But, if you buy something from the duty free shops and then wrap it in a beautiful box and tie it up with a nice ribbon, then you can get away with that. You can find cheap ribbons virtually everywhere or you can even order them online and do all the wrapping back home, before starting the sharing of gifts process.