Buying a second hand car: good or bad decision

Feb 27, 15 Buying a second hand car: good or bad decision

As you might have noticed, the car market has not been growing in terms of popularity at least. Even though the economic crisis has reached its end, people are still reluctant to spending a great sum of money on buying a car. Of course the alternative is to buy a second hand vehicle or none at all. It is true that as far as living in the city is concerned, the public transport services can replace a car. However, there is the aspect of holidays. Road trips are the best types of family activities. Jumping together with your children in the car and heading to interesting location seems like a real adventure. So what is there to do? Do you make a financial effort and buy a new car or collaborate with one of the many second hand car dealers in Ottawa? The decision is a bit tricky, simply because you can’t make up your mind based on the possibility of a road trip that may or may not happen any time soon. Thus, when thinking of whether or not to buy a second hand car, try to consider a few aspects like the ones that follow.


It is clear to everyone that second hand cars are first of all cheaper than the news one. If you are not very pretentious and you do not care about the maker or year of making, then you could find great offers. You might find it difficult to say no. However, when deciding to buy a second hand vehicle, you have to look at other aspects beside the financial bargains you are bound to discover. For instance, the state of the car should be of a great interest to you. It really isn’t an option if it breaks every once in a while, because it could happen to you when you are on that adventure, on your family road trip. Imagine that the vehicle doesn’t start and you are in the middle of nowhere, together with your family. It certainly won’t be a memory worth keeping. When buying a new one, the financial effort is greater. However, you are buying functional car, in a perfect functioning state or at least, you presume so. This false security that new cars are safer and better than old ones is really no aspect to rely upon.


The truth is that there is no guarantee. Even if you pay a large sum of money on the vehicle, there is no assurance that it will function properly, and that it will not break down just when you least expect it. The advantage of buying a second hand car is that you can buy two or three different vehicles at the price of a new one. So, even if one that doesn’t work, you can always replace it. Quite frankly, the dealer is the one that makes all the difference in the world. If you manage to locate a trustworthy dealer that respects all clients, then second hand car do appear to be a good, wise decision that few regret.