Brighton city break – Handy Guide for all travel lovers

Feb 16, 17 Brighton city break – Handy Guide for all travel lovers

The crowd of people choosing to visit this city all year around should give you the answer to the question “Why this city?”. Also, cosmopolitan by definition this is the perfect destination for a fun, sparkly city break. However, if you are not sure what should you know before your small vacation, we have a handy guide for you, from choosing the right Brighton to Heathrow taxi, to things to de while in city, and how to accommodate perfectly. Bear with us, because you need all these pieces of information.


1. Book a fast and exquisite ride from and to the airport

Being a city break, you want to make sure you profit from every minute in your trip. Because of this reason, instead of choosing a regular taxi ride, make sure you book an exquisite ride with a company specialised in long distance rides. They can offer what regular taxi companies cannot, efficiency and fair prices, as well perfect services. With the possibility to book a ride both via telephone and online, you have permanent access to their services, regardless of you location. These companies generally have a fleet of great vehicles, maintained in perfect condition, so their clients can enjoy a comfortable and fast ride. Also, their care for customer is stunning, all chauffeurs being well-educated and polite. Their payment policy includes both cash and debit card payment, and you can do it in advance to confirm your ride, or during the ride day. Using these services, you can be sure you will arrive at the airport with at least an hour before your flight, just to have your peace of mind.

Find treasures around the city

Yes, not only Brighton is the perfect city for entertainment purposes, but it also offers to all its visitors the possibility to antique shop for rare treasures. A custom for Brightoninas, antique hunting in Kempton or the North lane is a delight for all vintage lovers and not only. Who knows on what rare valuable you might stumble upon? Sidney Street and Harlequin are great places to start from, and luckily, you can find anything there, from Victorian antiques, to records and other odd things from different eras.

Time to educate yourself

Because this city has so much to offer to all its visitors, make sure you check on your list the Royal Pavilion and the Brighton Museum. The Royal Pavilion was built in the 18th century for George IV, and it pretty much resembles a megastructure from the Indian culture. And if you want to bring back a small fraction of your childhood, make sure you visit the Brighton Toy and Models Museum. It gathers pieces from different eras, and it has two extensive working models of railroads! Also, the number of pieces is impressive: 10,000 items so far!

There are plenty of things to do while in Brighton! Make sure you organise your time well to fully profit from them!