Affordable Mediterranean vacations in Greece

Having a tough challenge enduring the hot summer season? Why don’t you go for a ride and travel around the world to chill a bit? Everyone needs a vacation here and then. And if low budget is your problem, then here’s the best option to pay a visit to Greece. A beautiful Mediterranean country, with lots to offer, has really cheap offers for those interested in exploring a beautiful natural environment. Some people are sea lovers, while other prefer the mountain. However, there are dreamers hoping to have both of these, to complete their paradise vacation. In Kamena Vourla, you get to watch a beautiful sunset in the sea and follow its trajectory to the other window, until it hides through the mountains. And the best part of all that is the weather. The cooling breeze of the mountains perfectly fits into the sea frame, thus you can enjoy a relaxing vacation priding to have visited both the mountains and the sea.

There’s always been cheap enough to visit the south part of Europe. But now, thanks to the economical crisis which stroke Greece, prices are almost nothing and you could say you’ve had a free vacation. The gorgeous boutiques filled with chocolate of all kinds, delicious jelly, tasty jam and baklava await for you while walking along the sea shore. Apart from that, Greeks have their special restaurants in the opened air, with impeccable service. Due to the high temperatures and the fact that it never rains in summer seasons, you can enjoy a beautiful view towards the sky, while trying the fish delights. Still referring to food specialties, you must try the amazing gyros. The perfect combination of meat, cabbage, tomatoes, special sauces, all wrapped in one delicious pita bread is absolutely mouth watering.


Apart from foods and restaurants, in Greece you’ll find fishing the most pleasant activity. Rent a boat and head out on the clear light blue sea so catch some fresh fish for dinner. Each block of apartments has a special architecture. More like a house, with only a few apartments, they all have wide decks, or patios and instead or a roof, you’ll encounter a wide platform where sometimes there’s a pool, or a grill with tables and chairs to relax in the open air. Another attractive view in Greece, is the gardens seen on each house or block. Everything is green and filled with orange and lemon trees, grapes. Not to mention the long fields with olive cultivation. You’ll taste the most delicious olive salad in there, because that’s where they originally come from.


If you’re eager to find more and to do other things than laying on the beach or wondering through the mountains, feel free to visit Athens. You can discover the ancient history and see the mesmerizing ruins. Besides, the isles are so close you’ll get there in almost five minutes in a boat. There’s plenty to discover in Greece. The people, the food, the places, the music. Everything is a puzzle piece to form your own paradise vacation. And you can have all that at really affordable prices, starting from 150 euros for 7 days.