A journey of food: the best way to travel

Oct 22, 15 A journey of food: the best way to travel

Traveling is a marvellous experience, one that certainly leaves no room for interpretations. People in general seem to be fond of traveling, of visiting new and exciting countries, different cultures, traditions and customs. There are plenty of journeys one can have. Some might choose a journey filled with entertainment, while others might be on the lookout for culture. However, in all cases, food is a constant in all travels. In fact, a culinary journey might just be the best way to travel, if you are truly interested in getting to know a location. So, here is a suggestion. Why not familiarize yourself with Guernsey by means of exquisite culinary delights?


Enjoying seafood in Guernsey

This is one location that is simply defined through seafood. In fact, there is a long line of traditional recipes that come to prove it, not to mention the impressively large number of seafood restaurant Guernsey options travellers have. Crab, mussels or lobster delights are waiting for travellers. When tasting the dishes, it will almost seems like you are taking a journey in time, overlooking the fascinating history of this place, the numerous pirate visits that were customary to this location. Indeed, as soon as you set foot here, you need to start your search for the perfect seafood restaurant, one that is known for its culinary delights.


The delicious dairy products


Apart from the tasty seafood that you definitely have to try, the next step in your journey is an adventure in the local world of dairy products. Of course, the goat chees is a signature dish for this location, as the entire world has heard of its aroma and texture.  In the end, its position on the map, its closeness to Normandy, must have left certain signs. Delicious dairy products are pieces of evidence that support this idea. Enjoy a slice of freshly baked bread with goat cheese. Try it in the morning at coffee or in the afternoon for tea. Either way, it will be absolutely delicious.


British culinary delights

As mentioned, Guernsey is known for its light seafood, but from time to time, people living here like something a bit more nourishing. This is when British cuisine steps in to do the work. In the restaurants you will be frequenting, you will most likely discover the bean jar. This is made after a traditional recipe, that very much resembles the well-known English, haricot bean stew. There are no winter, snowy days on the coast, but there can be windy ones. Imagine eating a bean jar in such a day.


No matter how simple all might seem, it is true. Some of the most successful trips are those that rely on food. While you are eating, enjoying a meal, you will see the people living here, understand their ways and traditions. You could even start up conversations with them. Sometimes, exploring a journey of food might be more thrilling and evocative than standing in line to get a closer look at several cultural artefacts.