7 memorable days in Costa Rica

Sep 25, 12 7 memorable days in Costa Rica

If you are looking for a tourist destination that has something special to offer for all, Costa Rica is definitely one of the best choices, a natural paradise that will meet and even exceed your expectations. Placed inside the Central America, between Nicaragua and Panama, Costa Rica is bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the North and the Pacific ocean to the west, with over 580 square kilometers of territorial waters and more than 110 miles of golden beaches. Costa Rica is one of the most impressive tourist destinations, a versatile location with beautiful mountains, lush green fields, inspiring waterfalls, simmering volcanoes and a thrilling rainforest. Whether you visit this country with your friends or your family members, you will have a lot of fun and gather amazing memories that will last for a lifetime. Here’s an interesting itinerary that helps you make the most of your vacation in Costa Rica, a country blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches, tropical waters and a rich wildlife, an unique place that exudes a peaceful energy and gives you a positive state of mind.


Day 1 – Enjoy the thrill of San Jose

San Jose is Costa Rica’s capital city, located just at the Central Valley, a place that boasts spectacular tropical gardens and a series of impressive tourist attractions: The National Theater, The Melico Salazar Theater, Lankester Botanical Gardens, Gold Museum, Jazz Caffee, Latino Rock and Jade Museum. A day-trip away from your hotel gives you the opportunity to admire different volcanoes and waterfalls, as well as butterfly farms and even to enjoy coffee plantation tours and rainforest tours. And don’t forget to take a break and taste the Costa Rica dishes, because there are many traditional restaurants that welcome you with Gallo pinto, black beans and fries rice, however, the food is delicious, although the taste is quite simple and not too spicy.

Day 2 – Time to visit La Paz Waterfalls

A journey to the Sarapiquí region, a place with an impressive biodiversity, will take you to the magnificent La Paz Waterfalls, over 70 acres of wildlife and forest to explore, that allow you to walk on 3.5 kilometers of paved trails. These trails will take you above, below and right next to five awe-inspiring waterfalls, where you can enjoy one of the biggest butterfly farms worldwide. This is a great trip for nature- lovers and particularly, for bird-watching enthusiasts, but adrenaline junkers can have lots of fun and enjoy one of the purest river experiences. At the end of the day, you can get back to San Jose through Braulio Carrillo National Park, located between San Jose and Puerto Limon. Ranging from high-altitude cloud forest to tropical lowlands rainforest, it is covered in virgin forest and it is host for over 600 species of trees, over 530 species of birds and 135 species of mammals. Additionally, if you have enough time and energy, you should consider a tour of the archeological artefacts at the Museum of Indigenous Cultures.

Day 3 – The next stop: Poás Volcano National Park

Poás Volcano National Park is a National Park that hosts the Central Volcanic Conservation Area and it is often closed to visitors because of sulfuric gas emissions. But the area around the Poás Volcano is stunning, with a variety of wild plants, animal and bird species, a genuine ecosystem that is a whole world itself. Furthermore, you can visit a coffee farm and learn how the coffee beans are processed and taste a grano del oro. A range of restaurant and SPAs are waiting for your to relax and before dinner, so you should not miss this opportunity.

Day 4 – Boost adrenaline levels!

You can begin the day with a white-water rafting adventure, as well as a a safari float, on the Sarapiquí River, that originates from clear mountain streams and runs along the borders between Costa Rica and Nicaragua. There is a wide range of tours to choose from, whether you are interested in canopy, rifting, fishing, scuba dive or surfing, but if you are not passionate about water sports, you can always consider bird-watching, ATV adventures, bike or horseback rides along the river. However, this is a fantastic setting, perfect for both relaxation and adventure and a rich wildlife with different species of monkeys, crocodiles, river turtles, iguanas, toucans and much more. Later in the afternoon, you can relax exploring the territory and learning more about the local history and ecology.

Day 5 – Hiking in the Tortuguero National Park

Tortuguero National Park is one of the most popular places in Costa Rica, a Conservation Area that is included in the Humedal Caribe Noreste, that boasts an incredible biological variety. The best way to observe this park is from a boat, but your can also consider canoe and kayaks to spice up your day. However, the main attraction of this park is the turtles, a variety of species, many of them neared extinction and if you are lucky, you can even enjoy one of the most spectacular events that takes place in this region: the newly hatched turtles race to the sea. And don’t forget about the network of freshwater creeks and lagoons behind the beaches of Tortuguero, which are also home for seven species of sea turtles, numerous crustaceans and species of freshwater fish. If you are passionate about fishing, this is heaven for you!

Day 6 – Cave exploration

If you are passionate about cave exploration, you cannot miss a Venado Caves tour, a geological marvel, created by tectonic shifting and an underground river. This will be one of the most amazing experiences, an adventure unlike anything you have lived before. This is a new world, that was under the sea level for 15-20 millions years and has become a target for adrenaline junkers several years ago. Besides the drive here offers the spectacular views of the Arenal Volcano, an active andesitic stratovolcano, covered by dense vegetation. The Lake Arenal is an artificial lake that attracts windsurfers from all over the world, as well as fishing and kayaking enthusiasts, for these are some of the most popular activities in this area.

Day 7 – Ending a magnificent journey

For your last day in Costa Rica, you can enjoy a Cerro Charto hike, a very thrilling hike that is recommended for experienced hikers only, due to the challenging physical activity. But if you are not one of them, how about a Jungle Crocodile Safari tour, a rainforest hike or a Corcovado National Park tour. There are many tours to choose from and spend a relaxing day while you re-connect with nature and boost your energy levels. You can have lunch for the last time in the middle of this jungle paradise, before you go back to San Jose for a pleasant shopping session. Your Costa Rica expedition is definitely a life-changing experience, for this is a country packed with natural wonders, a small piece of heaven that you will keep forever in your soul.