5 things you should not miss when visiting New York

Oct 08, 13 5 things you should not miss when visiting New York

New York is probably one of the most famous cities in the world, where ethnic diversity and economic power blend together in a perfect mix. Luxury hotels, some of the largest skyscrapers in the world and famous museums, this is truly a city where you can always find something new to see but, for those who only plan to spend a few days in The Big Apple, here are a few places that they should definitely not miss.

The Statue of Liberty
One of the most important landmarks in the United States, The Statue of Liberty has become an international symbol of this country and something that should definitely not be missed when in New York. A good advice would be to purchase your tickets beforehand and arrive at Battery Park as early as possible to avoid the lines. Once you reach the statue take some time to enjoy the beautiful view of Manhattan and visit the museum on Ellis Island.

Times Square
This is where the true heart of New York lies. Its lights will mesmerize anyone and if you like to lose yourself in the crowd and make some memorable pictures, this is the place to go. With large shops, restaurants and theatres, Times Square is one of the most animated places in The Big Apple that should not be missed by anyone.

Museum of Natural History
This is the place where you can walk through over 36 million exhibits from all over the world. From large dinosaurs and fossils to an extraordinary gallery of the origins of life on Earth, you will not regret your visit at this museum. Furthermore, it is a great place not only for lonely travellers, but also for those who are travelling with their families. So, if you are in New York, make sure you save a day for the largest museum of its kind in the world.

Top of the Rock
Even though most tourists prefer to stay in line for the Empire State Building, Top of the Rock will offer a much better view and you will not have to spend hours in line. With Central Park on one side and Empire State Building on the other, this is perhaps, one of the best view points in Manhattan. Make sure you have your camera with you, as there will be some excellent photo opportunities on this amazing building. With three observation decks, this 70 story building has a 360º view of the city that will leave you breathless.

Nobody in New York should miss a musical on Broadway. Whether you want to see a classic such as Wicked or West Side Story or something more modern, there is a reason why Broadway shows are famous all over the world: they truly are the best!

With this being said, this is the top five things to see when in this amazing city. Of course, the possibilities are endless when finding yourself in such an incredible place but, these five points of attraction in New York will tell you the story of this city in a way nothing else will.