3 Ways to Save Money While Traveling

Everyone has been on a bit of a tighter budget lately, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop vacationing to pinch your pennies. Here are some great ways to save money while traveling.

Stay Local

With flights costing anywhere from $250 to $600 per person on average, it’s pretty costly to take a family trip anywhere. And with the extra costs of baggage fees, fuel fees and in-flight meals, the price can quickly spiral out of proportion. With these costs, many families are looking at driving vacations in a much more favorable light, and you’d be surprised what treasures you might be able to find just a few hours drive from home. So take a moment to explore some of the sights and attractions close to home, plus you won’t have to worry about the cost of a rental car.

Go Camping

While this might seem like the obvious answer coming from an RV Resort & Campground, lets take a step back and think about it for a moment. First of all, campground fees are 9 times out of 10 less expensive then renting a hotel room. With the exception of cabin rentals, your campground fees will range from about $20-$40 per night, depending on the types of amenities that the campground has to offer, and whether you are talking about RV or tent camping. With Hotel Rooms typically averaging $100 per night, or more, your talking about a significant savings over the course of a week.

Next, lets think about meals. Unless you want to dish out the money to stay in a condo or similar rental with it’s own kitchen, when vacationing you’re looking at eating most of your meals out. While you could probably get by without spending too much on fast food, even most moderately priced restaurants are going to cost you $15-$20 per person. While camping, you are typically cooking your own food, and therefore not spending much more than you normally would at home.

Lastly, and this ties in with our previous money saving tip, you are more likely to stay local and spend less money traveling while camping. Let’s face it, when you have to bring everything with you, it’s easier to stay close to home. That’s not to say that some cross-country RV trips can’t be in the cards.

Enjoy Nature’s Wonders

What this really means, is find those great family activities that don’t cost too much money. Things like going hiking, biking, or swimming are great activities that don’t pull from the pocketbook. Going to the beach or the park can be a great way to spend a day without the hassle or expense of other tourist attractions. Also, many State and National Parks and even some campgrounds, will offer free family activities that are not only entertaining, but also educational.

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