3 Tips How to Improve Your Travelling

Tip 1 – Travel light – Absolutely the best and most important tip

We have traveled with lots of clothes and stuff that we, first – need, second – never use on holidays. I have been there with all my suitcases full of who knows what, dragging it around airports and weird places. The only thing I got out of it is lot of headache and overweight luggage that I had to pay for.

It is very easy how to actually do it, first put all your stuff on bed, or sofa, one week before travel. Second, every day, when you pass that pile, have a look and take out few pieces. After a week you are going to end up with optimal amount of your travel things. When you are doing it, think of few things, when you will be travelling you will probably buy lots of new things. Also try not to take too much toiletries, they add on weight, one thing you don’t need. You can buy them very cheap on your destination. Only thing to think about is to have enough underwear.

Tip 2- Travel between Tuesdays and Thursdays- If you want to save money, these are the days to travel

I have found this information just recently, to be honest, if you check ticket prices, and compare them you will be pleasantly surprised. Also try to purchase ticket or three months before or last minute still travel between Tuesday and Thursdays. I vote for buying tickets before so I can relax and not think will I get last minute deal or no.

When you are planning your travel, buy one ticket to international hub and then on ongoing ticket with cheap local air line. This will reduce your traveling cost dramatically. It not always easy to do it, but give it your best, you won’t regret it. Traveling is about having fun, not hassle. Anytime you save money on this you, it is extra money for you own personal pleasures.

Tip 3 – Blend in – Don’t be a tourist

Blending gives you more freedom and better local experience. Not to talk about respect. In some countries it even helps you not to get robbed, if don’t look like tourist, common thief doesn’t see you as potential target.

No one wants to get robbed on holidays, not a good experience, not to mention all the problem with documents. Good old trick is when you are getting a deal from some local, to mention that this is yours fifth visit to this place, you will get more respect. They will feel little uncomfortable to overprice you and you will be able to negotiate better deal. Avoid having cameras around your neck, wearing funny hats and bags, just relax and enjoy.

So travel light, pick your days between Tuesdays and Thursdays and try to blend in. It easy to follow these tip and they will save you time and money, not to mention that you will have much better travel experience.

Traveling is fun so do it more often.


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