3 Tips for Planning Your Next City Break

3 Tips to Book a Perfect City Break

Holidays, no matter how long or short are the time that we want to be spent relaxing and not worrying about the everyday stuff in our lives. That’s the theory at least. In reality, they are often filled in with uncertainty, anxiety and stress.

We wonder what are we going to do next, fight over what do we want to visit and where to eat out in the evening. Add to that any special requirements that your family members might have and you have a recipe for a disaster city break.

Luckily, there are some things that you can do to make sure that your short stay will be as pleasurable as possible.

1. Research the accommodation before booking.
One of the main stress points during city breaks is the accommodation. It’s either too expensive, located too far away from the centre or not to the standard your family would typically be used to. Therefore, do a thorough research before booking. Check sites like tripadvisor for reviews of the hotel. Double check their location against places you will most likely want to visit and so on. Also, inquire with the place about an unusual requirement and see how they will deal with that. This trick is usually enough to find out the level of service in the place.

2. Learn about typical customs in the city you are going to.
This is especially important if you are traveling abroad. Find out about cultural differences that might cause you problems in the country you are going to. These shouldn’t be anything special but it’s always good to respect the locals to avoid any trouble.

3. Set the expectations upfront.
If the reason for your trip is to do nothing, do not make promises to visit certain tourist attractions. You might not be in a mood to do that. If you are going with the children, make sure that they understand that you will also be visiting places that might seem boring for them and so on.

City breaks are a perfect way to escape the real life for a bit. They are also ideal to discover new places, learn about their culture and history or simply, how local enjoy themselves. Needless to say, for many, they are the quintessence of a perfect holiday. However, if not planned right, they can quickly turn into a nightmare weekend. Therefore, think of the 3 things I mentioned above and make sure that you prepare for your big weekend right.

Derek is a travel writer, city breaks [http://www.citybreaksguides.co.uk/] advocate and musician. He currently works for Manchester science museum [http://www.citybreaksguides.co.uk/manchester-science-museum/] and dreams of his first novel in his spare time.

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