3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Booking Family Holiday Insurance

How much time do you spend researching family holiday insurance? If you rush this essential part of your holiday you might end up regretting it.

Here are three pitfalls you should definitely try to steer clear of when getting your travel cover sorted out.

Buying the first policy you see

We all want to get this part of the booking process over and done with as quickly as possible. However if you complete it too quickly you could end up paying a lot more than you should. By shopping around you can get some great deals and bring down the cost of your cover by a lot more than you might think.

Ignoring the excess on the policy

This could also come under ‘not reading the small print’. We can all be guilty of this but if you don’t pay attention to the excess you might end up finding your policy really doesn’t give you as much as you thought it did. For instance, a ?100 excess might sound fine, but if most of your belongings are worth little more than this individually, you could end up thinking it’s not worth claiming at all if something is stolen.

Getting cover that doesn’t take existing medical conditions into account

Family holiday insurance is designed to provide cover for everyone in your family, children and adults alike. This means you have to declare any medical conditions that anyone in the family may have. If you don’t do this, the whole policy could be rendered null and void – and you may not realise it until it is too late and you are trying to make a claim of some kind.

There is just one rule here you really need to bear in mind: if you are not sure whether a condition should be declared or is relevant or not, declare it. It is not worth risking your family holiday insurance over something that could be avoided. Sometimes it is simply a matter of ensuring the condition is noted – it doesn’t automatically mean you won’t be insured or that your cover will be more expensive as a result.

As you can see this does give you a lot to think about. However it also ensures you can avoid some of the major pitfalls that can trip people up during the process of getting their family holiday insurance. If you keep these issues in mind when you are looking for your policy you can be sure of getting the right cover at the right price. It may take a little longer, but it will certainly give you peace of mind and result in getting the cover you really need. After all you don’t want to find it doesn’t deliver when you need it to.

Patrick Chong is the Managing Director of Insuremore. We provide low cost travel insurance and offer a range of policies including
http://insuremore.co.uk/?page_id=family-travel-insurance”>family holiday insurance, annual, multi-trip and single-trip insurance. For all your travel cover needs, Insuremore can help you in the quickest and most cost-efficient way.

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