12 Ways to Survive an International Flight

Boarding an international flight is a lot of fun for most people. Most people know that the most precious thing on international flights is sleep. Here we look at 12 ways to survive on international flight.

Get the right seat.

When booking your flights, try to get the seat that will allow you to sleep best. For most people that seat is a window seat. Get into the plane early so that you can arrange your seat without hindrance.

Dress appropriately

Wear comfortable slip-on shoes so they can be easily taken off after you board. Also helpful when going through border security. Take a spare pair of socks. The type of socks that aid circulation are the best to take. Wear layers of clothes so that you can

Befriend your neighbour

You will be spending anything up to 15 hours next to the stranger in the seat next to you. Be courteous and friendly so that the journey is not a chore.

Pillows and Blankets

Bring a small comfortable neck pillow or ask for one as soon as you board. There are several types of neck pillows so choose one that suits you. Also ask for blankets if you suffer from cold. Ask early in the flight as often there are insufficient blankets for all the passengers.

Eye Mask

Bring a comfortable eye mask to help you sleep, if you need to eliminate light.

Noise cancelling headphones

Purchase a set of noise cancelling headphones to that most of the sounds can be blocked out.

Stretch and walk

Find some exercises that you can do in your seat and take the opportunity to walk around regularly to help circulation.

Buckle up

Make sure you buckle up, especially when you do not want to be disturbed in a way that the cabin crew can see that you are safe.

Drink lots of water

The plane is air-conditioned and dehydration naturally occurs. Replace the lost water by drinking well. Avoid anything that dehydrate like coffee and alcohol. Herbal teas are considered a good alternative to coffee.

Eat sparingly

Enjoy the meals but don’t over indulge – there are better restaurants than the airlines!

Take sleeping medication sparingly

Take only prescribed medication that as recent studies have shown that deep vein thrombosis has been linked to sleeping aids.

Jet-lag and motion sickness supplements

Some people take natural jet-lag and motions sickness supplements with good results. Consult an expert on the right supplement for you.

Enjoy traveling overseas with the 12 Ways to Survive an International Flight. Most are common sense but with a little planning, your travel should be fun.

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