11 Travel Gadgets For 2014

When travel planning in 2014 it is essential to choose the best gadgets technology has to offer to take along with you. The best travel tip for choosing travel gadgets is to go for the smallest, greenest and most functional gadgets you can.

Below you will find a list of my recommended gears:

1. Camera

Although Smart phones can take photos a good camera is important if you want to capture quality images on your travels. Try the Pentax K-30 camera which is water proof, shock proof and can take the heat and the cold.

2. Adapters

When traveling to foreign countries you can encounter different electrical systems and currents. Take along the Universal AC Travel Adapter which can be used in 150 countries.

3. Protection for your Smart phone

Take along the high-impact Pelican i1015 Protect and Play iPhone Case which will protect your iPhone, iTouch or iPod from just about everything except water. The case which has a polymer shell is heat resistance, chemical resistant and will protect your device if dropped. Pelican made protector is essential for travellers. The Lifeproof iPhone Case is another sturdy option which is waterproof and bullet proof!

4. Solar Recharger

If you want to go green or will be travelling somewhere where there may not be electrical connections then a solar Mi Suny recharger at is perfect for recharging iPhones.

5. Luggage Tracker

The Trakdot Luggage Tracker sells at $50 plus $13 for an annual subscription and when and if your luggage goes missing you just connect the GSM monitor to an app on your Smart phone and just like a GPS you’ll find your luggage.

6. Headphones

For those long train or bus journeys when you want to disconnect from the surroundings and listen to some good music, take along a good pair of headphones. They may be more bulky than earphones but they cut out outside noise and will help you get some sleep in noisy airports, hostels or stations. If you’d rather have a more compact piece of technology then splurge on the Logitech UE 900s, noise canceling earbuds.

7. Smart Phone

Perhaps the most important technology device for travellers is a Smart phone which can hold apps to help you navigate, find places you’re looking for, calculate your spending, book transport and accommodation and even translate.

8. Torch/light

This low-tech technology gadget for travellers may seem obvious but it always comes in handy. A good, compact torch is essential when travel planning. It can be used simply to find things in the dark in a hostel dorm room, read on a dark train or make your way through Europe’s medieval streets at night.

9. WiFi

You can’t always rely on hotels or cafes for your Internet connection. Take out a private subscription at PrivateWiFi.com and you’ll be able to log in to your own WiFi wherever you are using a private code. Prices start at $10 a month.

10. Watch Phones

The latest gadget and apparently the toy set to be the next-big-thing in technology is the Martian Voice Command Watch. Is it a phone? Is it a text message device? Is it a watch? No it’s all of the above! The Passport, G2G and Victory models have silicone straps and can be voice activated; they are Bluetooth-enabled and use both Apple’s iOS and Android platforms.

11. Laptop

A laptop is a must have travel gear. It is a means of staying in touch with family, friends and business partners, backing up travel photos or simply to while away time at Airport lounges. I use mine for almost everything, so I went for a relatively powerful laptop but for normal use a light laptop or tablet could do.

Choosing the right gear to travel with doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Making a few smart choices and limiting yourself to what you truly need will give you all of the benefits that technology can bring while avoiding most of the downsides.

Adewale Adelani – Travel & Tours enthusiast with a passion for Social Media. also Travel Manager of DAHLA TRAVEL, a company that provides Dubai Tours & Activities Services. [http://www.travelwithdahla.com]

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