11 Tips When Travelling Abroad for Business/Job

Traveling to foreign country for business or job duties, can be very hectic. From preparations, taking flight, booking hotels and adjusting to new work place. Here are some tips to make your business trip more interesting and calm for you.

  1. If you are going to stay abroad for a long period, getting yourself a working visa and not tourist visa.
  2. The contract for working abroad should be worked well in advance before actual traveling.
  3. The contract must be written in several languages. It must be stated clearly in the form, what type of work you will be burdened and under what conditions.
  4. The work contract must be include other details, which describe the conditions of your residence, wages, and health care at the time working abroad.
  5. Do not forget insurance policy against accidents and diseases for the period of stay abroad.
  6. Always ask and write down the exact address of the company where you work. Give it to relatives and friends along with the names of other people who you will be engaged with during your assignment abroad.
  7. In no case should you give anybody your passport.
  8. Make photocopies of all your travel documents and have them on a trip in case of loss of original documents.
  9. Familiarize yourself with the language and way of life of the people in place you will be working. Research well in advance about their hospitality, traditions, cultures and if you will be residing in
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  10. Keep in a good amount of money in case of an unplanned happenings or urgent return home.
  11. In case you somehow doubt anything concerning expected job/business, do not hesitate to call the appropriate organization and ask questions

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