10 Terrific Trip Ideas for Newlywed Gay Couples to Consider While Planning Their Honeymoon

As a newlywed gay couple, you may be looking for a nice resort in the tropics, an adventure in the Outback or you may want to go some place exotic where you can enjoy complete and total exclusivity. One thing’s for sure: You’ll definitely be searching for a place where you can find peace and relaxation but in a safe and welcoming environment.

Here are ten suggestions for places to visit or recommended sites, resorts or activities to ensure the most memorable experience in your new life together.

1. Visit the Granddaddy Hotel

The hotel is located in located in Cape Town, South Africa. The Granddaddy Hotel is a luxurious resort famous for its Airstream Rooftop trailer park which features a collection of trailers that have been redesigned and refurbished by famous artists to give a beautiful and artistic guest rooms, each with different styling’s and themes. Cape Town also has a large and openly gay population since the legalization of gay marriage in South Africa in 2006 and provides a great opportunity to socialize with other gay couples.

2. Stay in an Overwater Bungalow

The St Regis Bora Bora Resort in Tahiti offers some lovely villas that are suspended above clear waters. There are personal butlers providing for your every need and a beautiful coral reef is located nearby that is an ideal spot for snorkeling. There is also a spa found on the island in the middle of its lagoon that provides a relaxing soothing environment for you and your newlywed.

3. Visit Mandalay Bay

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Mandalay Bay is popular amongst gay couples and has often been nicknamed as the Mandalay Gay. It has one of the biggest pool complexes on the Las Vegas strip spanning a total of 11 acres. It also has excellent service, spotless rooms and fantastic restaurants.

4. Take a Dive in the South Pacific

Fiji features an illustrious and gorgeous set of coral reefs that are filled with and underwater diversity of Turtles, Mantas, sea fish and many other beautiful sea creatures. Snorkeling is also an option and it will still grant you an amazing view of the reefs. The resorts and hotels in the area come highly rated and there are a lot of unique restaurants and cuisines for you to try out.

5. Explore the Machu Picchu

http://vacationside.com/videos/list.php?q=Explore+the+Machu+Picchu&Submit=GO”>Machu Picchu is a breath-taking Historical Sanctuary located in Peru often dabbed as the Lost City of the Incas. You can choose to explore it by foot on a five day Inca trail or take a three hour train ride from Cusco. The landscape is powerful and elegant and can provide some great photo shoot opportunities to commemorate your honeymoon.

6. Go on a Safari

South Africa provides a great getaway for newlyweds. Kruger Park offers a great 3 day safari where you get to view the great African landscape and interact with the wildlife in the area. It provides a great sense of adventure and mystique and can provide for some great dinner-table stories in future.

7. Explore the Outback in a Hot Air Balloon 

The Australian Outback is a vast area filled with amazing sites such as the flinders ranges and the Glen Helen gorge. It is also home to rare creatures such as the Kangaroo and Tasmanian devil. You and your new lover can explore the outback by taking to the skies on a hot air balloon. Ayers resort provides an outback balloon flight that starts at dawn providing a romantic glimpse of the sun rising and continue to glide over the landscape providing a stunning view. Couples can also enjoy a tasty champagne breakfast after the trip.

8. Go on a Boat Cruise with Oberoi

Oberoi Hotel in India provides a fantastic 3 day boat cruise on the Mv Vrinda. The boat contains eight luxury cabins complete with TV, DVD and bathrooms. The upper deck contains a lounge and bar with great a panoramic view of the Kerala waterways. They also serve enticing Indian cuisines like Meen Moily and Malabar fish curry.

9. Check out the Ancient Pyramids

The Mena house in Cairo, Egypt is a famous hotel that provides astounding views of the Giza pyramids. The hotel is styled with a 19 century Arabesque theme and comes complete with a serene garden and pool area. It also spots a 18-hole golf course for you to enjoy when you aren’t out exploring one of the great wonders of the ancient world.

10. Take some time to explore Japan

Japan provides a unique and rich culture that can make for a memorable honeymoon. The peninsula hotel in Tokyo has scored near perfect ratings from its guests and is ranked among the top hotels in Asia.

The hotels provide a lovely view of the Hibiya gardens and has a well renowned spa with great treatment packages and service. The hotel also hosts famous restaurants such as the acclaimed Peter restaurant on the top floor and the Michelin starred Hei Fung Chinese restaurant.

Honeymoons are meant to be a memorable experience for newlyweds. Honeymoons represent the beginning of a long and lasting relationship between both partners and is something you want to make the most out of and cherish for a lifetime. With these great ideas, you and your spouse can have an experience worth remembering.

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