10 Super Easy Travel Preparation Tips For Your Upcoming Vacation!

Ever forgotten something when you arrived at the airport prior to your upcoming vacation? The anxiety and helplessness can cause stress on to an already stressful environment. Following 10 super easy travel tips can help you have a stress-free trip as you prepare for your upcoming vacation.

Tip #1: Print all necessary documents prior to your trip. This includes your confirmation numbers for your rental car, hotel, car parking, and/or transportation services. Print your airline tickets 24 hours before your flight. Print all documentation regarding your upcoming Orlando vacation rental home.

Tip #2: TSA Rule 3-1-1 for carry-ons. Make sure your travel carry on adheres to the TSA 3-1-1 rule. This means all liquids must be contained in container of 3.4 oz or smaller. Each passengers must have 1 quart-size clear zip lock bag with the items they plan to carry on. If you have larger liquids items that you must bring, put them in your checked luggage. If you do not follow the 3-1-1 rule for your carry-on items, the items most likely will be confiscated!

Tip#3: Empty House Preparation. While you on vacation, you want your house to look as normal as possible to deter attraction from possible intruders. Hold your mail using the free service offered by the USPS. Use timers to turn on lights at night on a set schedule. Have neighbors or friends walk or keep your pets.

Tip #4: Label your luggage. Make sure you luggage has your contact information securely included in it. Most suitcases have an area the size of business card for this purpose. To make your luggage stand out more, you might want to tie some vibrant colored ribbon around it so it stands out when you looking for it or if it gets lost!

Tip #5: Have all of your frequent user cards handy. You will be asked for them when you get to the airline or when you get your rental car. Save your time of searching your purse or wallet for this information. Put these items at the front of your purse or wallet.

Tip #6: VISA and drivers license. Have this information easily accessible for your upcoming trip. Verify all dates are still valid and not expired. Keep them near your printed airline tickets because you will need these items when you arrive at the airport.

Tip #7: Print Maps. Most phones has GPS capabilities today but you want to have printed maps of your location and trip destinations just in case something happens and you don’t have access to this technology.

Tip #8: Bring your own snacks. When you arrive at the airport, you might notice the inflated prices of common snack items. Bring your own so you can avoid the extreme price hike in airport land.

Tip #9: Ship your items to your destination. Many airlines are increasing the price of checked luggage and luggage that exceeds a certain weight. To save yourself some money, consider shipping the items to your destination a few days prior to your trip. If you know the address of your upcoming Orlando vacation rental, ship the items directly to the address so the items will be waiting for you when you arrive! Keep tracking numbers so you will know exactly when and how the items arrive.

Tip #10: Have cash on hand for tolls. When you get to your vacation home in Orlando, you may have to take one of our many toll roads. Have cash on hand to make this payment because credit cards aren’t taken. Some tolls stations are completely cash only with no one present to make change. Save yourself some time and money and have cash (exact change) ready!

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