10 Reasons Why to Pack Light While Traveling

The famous saying goes, everything is essential, only some things more than others. You will have no clue about what you really require and how little you utilize when you are away when sitting at home. A little versatile backpack truly makes the difference when traveling. Packing light isn’t simply good for your back-it’s good for your mind.

The flexibility it offers and hassle it evacuates is worth what you leave at home in not taking ten times over what you “think” you may need along the way. Also the way that you will be the jealousy of everybody you meet! Don’t believe me? Doubting? Read on for a few reasons why you ought to, if nothing else, pack light.

Everyone says pack light, but the vast majority of travelers don’t until they have learnt their lesson the hard way- 10 reasons why to pack light:

Your backpack is your life when traveling, or at any point gets to be it. The littler it is the less it sticks outs and the less defenseless you feel. The closer to your body you can put your backpack, the more comfortable you will be and feel safer. So pack light and keep your bag near you.

The possibility of wearing the same cloths every day may appear disgusting to some now, however it gets simple with the right cloths, and is constantly preferred over unpacking your whole backpack. If you pack light, that should never happen. There is no compelling reason to take an excess of cloths as they could be effortlessly washed and dried, typically overnight.

Another reason to pack light is that a vast, massive, full sack gives less room to load with gifts, turns into a bad dream when utilizing bike or public transports and must be weighed in and held up for when taking flights.

Having a very big and bulky backpack onto a public transport may sound okay, however when the bus is crowded you can’t take it with you and will be separated from it. They will put it on the top of the bus, underneath or is left at the back of the transport. There shouldn’t be any problems but I bet it would make uncomfortable knowing that your bag is out of your sight.

You will need to stroll with your backpack freely, at times right across the entire town to look for a good hostel or accommodation and weather is often very hot or very cold depending on which country you are visiting. When you do take transport, you can swing a little pack/daypack over your front and hop in a taxi or rickshaw without any difficulty. Likewise, leaving your backpack in lockers could be an issue if you are not packing light.

When using mini-buses, they are regularly crowded and have no baggage holds, so your pack goes ahead with you. If crowded you will hit everyone with your bag when finding a seat and might need to take an extra seat for your large pack. The same is valid when speaking of public transport (like metro/underground and/or tram systems) in rush hour where you find the same issue and may have to pay a surcharge for a large bag. When you pack light, you even save money!

You will be uncomfortable moving from village to village and not being able to just jump on and off small buses or taxis. When packing light will make your life easier when hoping from town to town. And it’s worth mentioning that a giant heavy backpack does not exactly make you the most confident as you will always feel like you are sticking out of the crowd.

If your backpack is full it is very hard to get to your things without pulling all the other stuff out of the bag, so often you don’t use what is at the bottom of your bag because you find it easier to just wear what you had on yesterday.

One of the big advantage of packing light is to be able to travel from a town A to town C with a quick stop between to see a sight at town B carrying your backpack with you, rather than having to do it in a separate day trip, wasting time and money.

If you pack for every occasions, better bring the hiking boots in case we go hiking, better bring an umbrella in case it rains, better bring dress shoes or clean shoes in case we go to a nice restaurant, etc. – carrying way too much load is inevitable. So pack light and buy on the road what you really need when the “special” occasion present itself.

Yes you need some heavy items with you, but there is no need to have a 60 plus litre bag. Not unless you are camping and if so why?

That was 10 reasons why to pack light! What are your tricks to pack light? Are you more of a light packer or a heavy packer? How you get by when traveling? Are you using a suitcase or a backpack? Leave your thoughts and comment below, don’t forget to share with your friends!

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