10 Different Types of Holiday Worth Considering

One of the main things we look forward to each year is our annual holiday. No matter whether we’re going for two days or two weeks, the opportunity to escape the stresses of work and the unpredictable British weather is exciting for everyone. With than in mind, here are 10 different types of holidays people commonly go on. All you have to do is decide which one is right for you.

1. One of the most popular options is the traditional couples break. In most cases it consists of relaxing on the beach or poolside and enjoying the local cuisine of an evening. However, some couples prefer a little more excitement and enjoy the excursions on offer or explore the local cultural landmarks.

2. Family holidays are also very common, so if you have children this could be for you. Your ideal family break may consist of fun for kids and relaxation for the adults, so you’ll need to choose a hotel and resort that offers entertainment and some poolside relaxation.

3. Stag and hen parties are not exclusive to the shores of the UK. It has become increasingly popular for betrothed hens and stags to head abroad with their friends to have one last day in the sun (ahem) before the big day.

4. Not all holidays consist of relaxation. Many people prefer to party or seek new adventures. From nightclubbing and bar hopping to rock-climbing and water-skiing, there’s plenty of excitement to be found overseas.

5. It’s very common for friends, particularly those that are single, to head off on holiday together. No matter whether they’re going to party or just wish to relax and enjoy some quiet drinks, likeminded friends can often have a great time together in the sun.

6. Although once unheard of, it is now very common for people to take a short holiday by themselves. If they have friends or family who own a holiday home, they can enjoy a cheap break in the sun and some peaceful time alone.

7. City breaks are also very popular holiday types, allowing people to sightsee landmarks or even go shopping. From Milan and Paris to New York and Sydney, there are amazing cities all over the world just waiting to be explored.

8. If you’re looking to take in many different cultures, cities and experiences, a longer travelling excursion may be required. Many people now use their savings to travel around the world or even to continents they’ve yet to visit.

9. Another common reason that people go on holiday is when it coincides with a major sporting event. Whether it’s a golf or tennis tournament, their favourite football team playing in a European competition or their semi-pro club going on tour. If any of these relate to you, it could be worth extending your trip and enjoying a holiday.

10. If you have relatives or friends who have moved to another country, you may wish to go on holiday to visit them. If they have plenty of room to invite you to stay with them, it could be a relatively inexpensive holiday and a great chance to catch up with the people you miss.

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